19 Mar 2019
Organizations having trouble in managing SharePoint configurations can be outsourced to 3rd Party SharePoint consultants or SharePoint consulting enterprises. This has become common these days because SharePoint platform is board and complicated, so mostly smaller organizations required support from 3rd Party. Choosing a perfect SharePoint consultant plays a major... Read more

15 Mar 2019
Office 365 Security Office 365 Security is the essential reason that keeps the organizations moving towards cloud. Microsoft 365 package includes Office 365 which has enterprise security and it’s considered as a start for cloud collaboration. Now we will focus on different Security aspects of Office 365 and Microsoft... Read more

12 Mar 2019
What is Office 365? In current scenario, cloud plays a major role in all organizations and everyone wants to move towards cloud. Office 365 is an important cloud based on office 365 subscription service that has the best tools for the organization to operative more effectively.  It has the... Read more

05 Mar 2019
Reasons for government agencies to embrace SharePoint SharePoint is used in various organizations for different business needs, they are also used in government sectors. 1.User-friendly SharePoint portals SharePoint Features has an attractive and easy to use portals that national government around the world can make use of it. The... Read more

01 Mar 2019
Enterprises operates with many businesses that produces a lot of electronic documents as a result there is a quite a lot of chances of losing documents. An apt solution for enterprises that want to automate, streamline and optimize document driven processes should use a fully-fledged document management system and... Read more

27 Feb 2019
Intranet Play an exceptional role in any organization, as it pulls all the corporate content and resources and connect users regardless of their location, position or activities. Intranet can be performed in variety of platforms such as Confluence, IBM Connections, OpenText, Liferay, Drupal and Microsoft SharePoint and it has... Read more

22 Feb 2019
SharePoint, a Microsoft’s platform is still one of the most popular intranet platforms worldwide, because it gives access in creating intranets with very strong business and social features. Now we are going to discuss about pros and cons of SharePoint intranet so that it will help you in choosing... Read more

20 Feb 2019
At present, the world is very competitive, cost cutting, and time reduction plays a major role in today`s scenario. As a result, creating/making automation’s or automating your work is highly recommended. Below we will look at how you can use Microsoft Flow to create automated workflows and putting an... Read more

16 Feb 2019
Do you know what is Microsoft 365 Business is? The answer would be, the latest unified solution launched by Microsoft. The outstanding features from their most popular products and ensure its users total control of their environment, this makes it a true game changer for your business. Below you... Read more

11 Feb 2019
An effective way to measure how your next product or service should be released is purely depends on understanding your customers, this is the key to success for many business. When it involves surveys, there`s a myriad of solutions available, some are for free of cost and some are... Read more