08 Jul 2019
We are going to see, how to embed an RSS feed into our SharePoint site. There are two steps to be followed to do so. 01. Obtain RSS feed URL 02. Insert RSS viewer Web Part into the page These are the two steps to be followed and below... Read more

05 Jul 2019
Metadata has a special feature where you can view the information in any way as you wish. You can customize SharePoint custom list, task list, issues log, list of announcements or a document library. This customization is done by metadata as you desire. Group by Metadata Group by feature... Read more

04 Jul 2019
Moving your users from folders to metadata We are going to discuss, how to move your users from folders to metadata. There are few tips which can be used to convince your users to move them from folders to metadata. We are going use new Document Library which is... Read more

18 Jun 2019
How to hide rows in a SharePoint? You can hide and even set a unique permission for each row in a list, also you can control who sees which rows in SharePoint. This functionality is PMO project dashboard, where you can project all your projects and you can hide... Read more

27 May 2019
SharePoint is not designed to attach documents, still you can attach documents but it leads to poor business practice. You should understand the concept of list and a library in SharePoint. Buy Microsoft SharePoint from Veelead Solutions. Well known SharePoint experts. 01. SharePoint Document Library It helps you to... Read more

13 May 2019
We are going to quickly check the ways to notify a user of changes in a SharePoint list form. You should always remember; SharePoint list are outstanding at storing non-document files. Storing a non-document files such as issues, day to day tasks, events, contacts or any other information via... Read more

08 May 2019
A collection of files on SharePoint server used to share with the end users called Document library. You should understand the needs of your organization to determine document library. The olden versions of library in SharePoint prevented one from copying and moving as such. SharePoint Online grants Modern Library... Read more

07 May 2019
There are different options in renaming a file in SharePoint. We are going to see three important ways of renaming a file in SharePoint. We name a file depending on the content. As we modify the content, file name is renamed accordingly. We rename a file as a clue... Read more

25 Apr 2019
Microsoft Skype for Business is united with Office 365. Skype for Business has advance features such as IMs. Video Calls, Voice Calls and Online meetings. When security is considered, you have enterprise security, call encryption and authentication. Below are the 12 Skype for Business features: 1. Conducts Meetings If... Read more

24 Apr 2019
This blog explains you about the comparison between SharePoint Online and On-Premises. As you are aware that MS SharePoint Online and MS Office 365 are available as a Software as a Service (SaaS). Excellent eight comparisons to brief you about which one suits your requirements. 1. Range of Functions... Read more