Companies over the world have adopted SharePoint Web Content Services to handle complex and dynamic content. SharePoint is especially powerful in handling content, interactivity, personalization and user-generated content. SharePoint is a platform that enables the publishing of content to the web through web content platform and is an important piece of a comprehensive web infrastructure.

While prior versions of SharePoint were largely utilized for intranet purposes, Microsoft SharePoint 2010/2013 provides new, richer sets of web content management (WCM) functionality enabling organizations to truly use SharePoint for the customer-facing aspect of its business

SharePoint web content management


  • Store
  • Reuse
  • Process & Manage
  • Publish
  • Share & Collaborate
  • Capture
  • Index & Search
  • Archive

As reliance on web content has increased, so has the demand for a solution empowering line-of-business and information technology (IT) users with the tools necessary for efficiently and effectively managing these complex, internal- or external-facing websites. Veelead delivers SharePoint WCM consulting services for customers who need to manage and process critical business content.


  • Create a centralized control panel for providing access rights, expiration and retention of documents. Easy way to develop, manage and audit content, using the Enterprise Content management functionality in Office SharePoint Server.
  • Improve the scalability to enhance SharePoint support for the ever increasing amount of SharePoint content
  • Make distribution of content publication tasks and administrative tasks very simple by integrating SharePoint with current Security infrastructure.
  • Delegate and control approvals for generated content by employees
  • Quick and easy way to migrate, propagate, move and/or copy SharePoint online content from one location to another within or across your environment.
  • With the aid of SharePoint 2010/2013 Web Content Management the user can create or edit any web content in a much easier way.

These are just the highlights! VeeLead’s team of SharePoint experts can help you in even more ways to manage content with SharePoint. Contact us for more.