06 Feb 2023
Microsoft Power Automate  Microsoft Power Automate is a tool that streamlines business operations by automating workflows across various applications and services. Its built-in AI capabilities allow users to delegate tasks to teams and prioritize their workload. The platform enables users to mark tasks, such as sending emails as high... Read more

20 Dec 2022
  With the revolutionary benefits that Power Apps bring to the table regarding app development, it’s no surprise that more businesses are flocking to it in droves. However, we can’t deny that, to some users, licensing can be a nightmare cost-wise.  Most companies don’t really see the practicality of... Read more

11 Nov 2022
Many companies operating in various industries worldwide are willing to process automation on its much-deserved pedestal.   How can Microsoft’s Robotic Process Automation benefit a company? Is it applicable to every business, regardless of industry? Does it really deserve all the laurels that have been laid on it? We’ll answer... Read more

27 Oct 2022
  At present, two main categories make up Power Automate’s automation solutions: DPA and RPA. If you mean to make the most of what the platform can bring to the table, you first need to be familiar with how both types work.  In the process, you’ll also clearly see... Read more

19 Oct 2022
  Power Automate Licensing is one topic that’s often overlooked, as people, unsurprisingly, tend to be engrossed in its powerful benefits instead. Knowing which license to purchase is no less important in order to pair with the right automation solution. It doesn’t help that there are many plans to... Read more

18 Oct 2022
  Nowadays, the word “automation” almost always has a readily positive connotation. Once you decide to rely on it, it almost always means you can say goodbye to human errors and keep the need for manual effort to a minimum – if not zero.  Ultimately, we have tools like... Read more

09 Sep 2022
  All throughout the world, healthcare systems are undergoing change. Healthcare organizations struggle with reducing costs, effectively managing human resources, and modernizing and simplifying internal processes in addition to their constant efforts to improve patient care. The strain on healthcare systems is anticipated to increase, particularly in light of... Read more

06 Sep 2022
  Emerging megatrends in this rapidly evolving world that are being impacted by numerous global concerns present the insurance sector with difficult challenges. In the context of business intelligence for the insurance industry, insurers must confront numerous global concerns head-on. Successful insurers will be those that communicate openly and... Read more

01 Aug 2022
  Using Microsoft Office 365 comes with a number of advantages. It is vital, in order to achieve higher levels of productivity, to have all of the necessary digital tools set up so that jobs can be streamlined and automated. When it comes to displaying your data utilizing metrics... Read more

18 Jul 2022
  Data analysis is more efficient with OLAP systems than with relational databases like MySQL or DB2. Furthermore, effective data analysis can assist businesses in identifying cost-cutting opportunities as well as other aspects that contribute to operational efficiency. With the growing importance of data, more businesses are combining OLAP... Read more