4 Important Uses About Microsoft PowerApps

PowerApps Uses
06 Jan 2020

1. Build Business Apps without Any Coding

If an organization wants to develop custom business apps without any experience in application development or custom coding, your right option would be PowerApps. This option is part of Office 365 configuration with subscription plans such as OneDrive, Planner etc. This app can be developed without any coding or getting help from developers.

overview PowerApps

2. Implement PowerApps in SharePoint?

PowerApps are related to SharePoint, though PowerApps are independent of SharePoint but they are closely inbuilt with Office 365. It can be used with external database, also it can be easily connected to SharePoint list, library or OneDrive, which permits you to save and source the data without any coding.

create an app with powerapps

3. Both Web and Mobile Version Available

There are three different places, where you can run PowerApps:
1. Web via Microsoft Dynamics 365

web version

2. Mobile device via Windows Mobile, iOS or Android

mobile version

4. Create and Customize an Application from SharePoint List or Library

customize with powerapps

Developing PowerApps

PowerApps can be developed through

1. Open Web browser by going to

2. Application installed on your desktop called PowerApps Studio

3. In Mobile Open play store to install PowerApps application

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