Benefits of Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business

Microsoft Dynamics 365
03 Aug 2019

Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365

It is a cloud-focused service, which works closely with Microsoft Office 365. Organizations looking to grow sales, manage finances and streamline operations with low cost and tools, Microsoft dynamics 365 customization and configuration is the right option. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for business gives you an option to add or remove apps as per the requirement.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps are as below

customer engagement
Field Service
Project Service Automation


This helps you to streamline complex data to learn more about your users and automates the sales processes, which leads to increase productivity and minimize the cost.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

This is one of the coolest apps which give the overview of your organization’s financial situation. If you want to monitor cash inflow, manage inventory and invoice your customers, Dynamics 365 for sales professional is the correct choice, also it keeps you updated on your Account Schedules, Budgets, Sales Orders and Vendor Management.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

If you want to have a clear view of your customers, this app helps you to get full history of your customers’ interactions with your department, also their personal preferences. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has self-service portal, which helps the customers to do their own research, and it is user-friendly

Field Service

Any organizations main aim is to keep their customers happy and their team productive, Field Service app helps to full the above. It automatically tracks customer warranties, save and keeps updated about repair history and maintenance schedules. This can be managed by your mobile phone.

Project Service Automation

Project Service Automation helps in delivering the projects on time within your budget; this is made possible by adjusting or modifying the same template for different projects. You can also store all project details starting from quote to invoice in a single system.


This app helps in enhancing your daily operations in warehouse, company`s products transportation and control the inventory. Transportation costs are reduced by collating your shipments.
There are another two more apps added, Flow and PowerApp which helps in customizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central

There are few major benefits which needs to be considered while purchasing Dynamics 365 for Business

Say Goodbye to Siloed Operations

Use Apps that you need

Check whole picture, not part of it

Improved Sales and Marketing capabilities

Most used Tools

Secured Sessions

Increased Productivity

Subscription Model

1. Say Goodbye to Siloed Operations

A single system, which is used to manage all aspects of your business, is Dynamics 365.

2. Use Apps that you need

As mentioned above, you have many apps in it; this helps you to create solutions as per your requirement. Additional to it, you can modify the same template according to your business needs.

3. Improved Sales and Marketing capabilities

.An app, dynamics 365 AI for sales which has full details of your clients and their requirements, which turns to improve your sales and marketing capabilities. One can also use dynamics 365 on Mobile phone so you can easily access the CRM data as when required.

4. Secured Sessions

Since Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based system, that has features like security and access controls for apps and the entire data is developed on cloud services

5. Increased Productivity

As mentioned earlier, a single app has all data required and Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives permission to both the insights and tools they need to work on,

6. Subscription Model

Depending on business requirements, you can also scale up or down the monthly subscription. As you know,  Dynamics 365 provides their customers with reasonable price.

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