06 Feb 2023

Power Automate Vs Automation Anywhere Vs UiPath

Microsoft Power Automate  Microsoft Power Automate is a tool that streamlines business operations by automating workflows across various applications and services. Its built-in AI capabilities allow users to delegate tasks to teams and prioritize their workload. The platform enables users to mark tasks, such as sending emails as high... Read more

20 Dec 2022

What is Power Apps Pay-As-You-Go Licensing? Plan Overview

  With the revolutionary benefits that Power Apps bring to the table regarding app development, it’s no surprise that more businesses are flocking to it in droves. However, we can’t deny that, to some users, licensing can be a nightmare cost-wise.  Most companies don’t really see the practicality of... Read more

11 Nov 2022

Who Can Use Microsoft RPA? Benefits of Robotic Process Automation

Many companies operating in various industries worldwide are willing to process automation on its much-deserved pedestal.   How can Microsoft’s Robotic Process Automation benefit a company? Is it applicable to every business, regardless of industry? Does it really deserve all the laurels that have been laid on it? We’ll answer... Read more

27 Oct 2022

Digital Process Automation(DPA) vs Robotic Process Automation(RPA) on Power Automate

  At present, two main categories make up Power Automate’s automation solutions: DPA and RPA. If you mean to make the most of what the platform can bring to the table, you first need to be familiar with how both types work.  In the process, you’ll also clearly see... Read more

19 Oct 2022

Microsoft Power Automate Licensing for Attended RPA and Unattended RPA

  Power Automate Licensing is one topic that’s often overlooked, as people, unsurprisingly, tend to be engrossed in its powerful benefits instead. Knowing which license to purchase is no less important in order to pair with the right automation solution. It doesn’t help that there are many plans to... Read more

18 Oct 2022

Choosing Microsoft Power Automate for RPA | Is It the Right Choice?

  Nowadays, the word “automation” almost always has a readily positive connotation. Once you decide to rely on it, it almost always means you can say goodbye to human errors and keep the need for manual effort to a minimum – if not zero.  Ultimately, we have tools like... Read more

28 Jun 2022

Comparing the Differences Between Microsoft SSAS,SSIS and SSRS

  Microsoft complements its relational database engine, SQL Server, with several add-on services that manage different aspects of enterprise business intelligence and information processing such as data integration, reporting and analysis. While SQL Server can work without these services, they add value by boosting SQL Server’s ability to serve... Read more

17 Jun 2022

Difference Between Power Automate Cloud and Power Automate Desktop

  Power Automate cloud and Power Automate Desktop (PAD) are both no-code/low-code applications for automating repetitive, manual operations to help you work smarter. What’s the difference between the two, though? Power Automate Desktop Power Automate Desktop is a free tool for Windows 10 users to download and install. If... Read more

20 May 2022

Tableau to Power BI Migration | Best Practices and Things to Consider

  Power BI is one of the newest and most advanced analytics technology systems on the market. What makes it unique among other tools? What are the best ways for Tableau to Power BI migration and how to make the most of its advanced analytics? How can you assure... Read more

03 May 2022

Microsoft’s New Power Automate Desktop Solution | Features and Benefits

  Power Automate for desktop extends Microsoft Power Automate’s existing robotic process automation (RPA) features, allowing you to automate all repetitive desktop tasks. Utilizing the new and easy Power Automate desktop flow designer, you can automate faster and easier than ever before, using prebuilt drag-and-drop actions or recording your... Read more