17 May 2022

Veelead Solutions Recognized as a Top Salesforce Consulting Company

  Veelead Solutions is a creative and competent IT services provider that assists businesses and individuals in meeting the global economy’s challenges. SuperbCompanies has recognized Veelead Solutions as one of the top Salesforce consulting companies, citing its extensive talent and ease of use in user interactions. About SuperbCompanies: SuperbCompanies... Read more

05 May 2022

Salesforce to Dynamics 365 Migration: Things to Consider and Mistakes to Avoid

  So, your company has decided to switch from Salesforce to Dynamics 365, but you’re not sure how to get started? We’re here to help. Why do companies want to migrate Salesforce to Dynamics 365? As with any data migration, gathering your existing data, sorting it into a format... Read more

07 May 2021

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Vs Salesforce CRM | How to Choose Better?

  When it comes to the tech landscape, rivalries are considered to be an encouraging trend. Many upgrades from Google, Apple, Microsoft, magnificent product launches, and many more occurred in the past few decades. Every product has competition over others. In this blog, we will check out the comparison... Read more