15 May 2020

Top 9 key features of SharePoint Framework (SPFX)

  Introduction to SharePoint Framework (SPFX) The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a page and web part model that enables client-side development, supports open source tooling, build SharePoint experiences. Provides quick integration with the SharePoint data. SPFX can create custom responsive apps and are mobile-friendly also you can use tools... Read more

04 May 2020

Learn best ways to move your sites in SharePoint

  To create subsites, you should consider information architecture and site hierarchy. You always want to move or change location of SharePoint sites and this is done by third party migration tools. However, you can use some of the out-of-the-box options, which are available. 1. Navigate sites using Content... Read more

23 Apr 2020

How to Check Microsoft SharePoint Usage Reports? Top 6 Methods

You always wanted to know, the usage of the site, like how many people visited your SharePoint sites and what they have viewed or edited. We have a few options to analyze or view your SharePoint usage. Method 1: Site Contents Page The site contents page helps you in... Read more

17 Apr 2020

How Power Business Intelligence Application Related to SharePoint Development

Introduction to Power BI Power BI is known as Power Business Intelligence. In present word, everyone deals with tons of data and information it might be company sales, project data or customer information. In order make this information more meaningful and easier to view we organize it into reports... Read more

20 Mar 2020

Different types of Navigation available in SharePoint online

Creating navigation in SharePoint Online is always challenging for Organizations. This blog explains you what are the available types of navigation present in SharePoint Online. There are three types of navigation in SharePoint Online as follows: 1. Site Navigation 2. Site Collection Navigation 3. Hub Site Site Navigation If... Read more

03 Mar 2020

Top 4 Recommendations to migrate documents to SharePoint

When an organization is shifting to Cloud (Office 365/SharePoint Online), there is a common question of how to migrate documents to SharePoint. In this blog, we are going to see the four ways for you to migrate documents to SharePoint with advantages and disadvantages. 1. Drag & Drop 2.... Read more

29 Jan 2020

7 Steps to Manage Your SharePoint Implementation Successfully

This article explains about SharePoint Implementation Management such as SharePoint Implementation start and how to manage this project. There are seven-stage approaches to SharePoint Implementation, they are as follows: 01. Learning Stage 02. Analysis and Necessity Stage 03. Data Architecture Stage 04. Data mapping Stage 05. Configuration Stage 06.... Read more

31 Dec 2019

How to Choose Between SharePoint List Columns and Site Columns and Create One?

There are two options for creating metadata, you should understand the requirements while creating and choose between list/library level or the site level. SharePoint List Column List level column method is a commonly used one, you might be already following the same. To create metadata, move to list/library level... Read more

24 Dec 2019

How SharePoint folder vary from SharePoint Library

Folders are the oldest method/way to save documents, since they are easy to create and organize information. Document library is new feature, which is present in SharePoint. It helps you in creating a single site document library and collect full details of the company’s folder. In present days we... Read more

19 Dec 2019

Discuss how does SharePoint keyword search works

SharePoint keyword search query results looks different for different users. In this blog, we are going to discuss how does SharePoint Keyword Search works. This blog is based on two important observation, which was commonly made: Observation 1: How does Out of the Box Search works? Where no customization... Read more