Different types of Navigation available in SharePoint online

20 Mar 2020

Creating navigation in SharePoint Online is always challenging for Organizations. This blog explains you what are the available types of navigation present in SharePoint Online. There are three types of navigation in SharePoint Online as follows:

1. Site Navigation
2. Site Collection Navigation
3. Hub Site

Site Navigation

If an organization is in need to create navigation at a site level or to a particular site, you can use “Quick Launch”. Team site with or without SharePoint Office 365 Group, the navigation is present towards your left-hand side of the site. You can also link them with anything, which comprises other sites; the best way to link is to web parts and content/pages related to your site. The advantage of “Quick Launch” navigation is, the users can access anything and everything, which is related to the site within one click.

Quick Launch / Local Site Navigation

Quick Launch option is the best choice for the Communication Site. As you all know, Communication Site is a special template. The team site will have two options “Quick Launch (on the left) and Top Navigation (on the top)” but Communication Site has only one navigation on the top called “Quick Launch” and it is moved from left to top and Top Navigation is not present in Communication Site.

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Site Collection Navigation

Site Collection Navigation helps in creating various sub-sites, which are located under the same site collection. You can use “Top Link Bar” to create navigation for your top-level site and it will spread down to sub-sites below. The navigation option Top Link Bar is for users who want to access any site in the same site collection with one click.
One important point noted is, the Site Collection Navigation option is only available on sites, which are not connected to Office 365 Groups.

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Hub Site Navigation

As you all aware, modern SharePoint will not have options in a single site. In this case, we use Office 365 and Communication sites to have some advantages of a flat architecture. We have discussed the Top Link Bar feature and that does not work anymore. As a replacement, we have Hub Site Navigation. This option helps in collating all sites and present them under one navigation site.
As I mentioned earlier, this option is also possible when a Team Site is not connected to Office 365 Group, if it’s connected it might tend to lose the Site Collection (Top) Navigation Option.

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