Top 5 Ways to Enhance Business Operations with Dynamics 365 Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions
09 May 2020

Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a business intelligence application established by Microsoft. Connects business operations all together with Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) and Customer Relationship Management(CRM). It is the one platform that integrates other Microsoft products and tools like excel, PowerBI, PowerApps and more in one place. Supports various segments such as sales, marketing, service, finance, HR to achieve amazing results with predictive insights.

Enhance business operations with Dynamics 365 Solutions

Automation in Sales Process

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales professionals eliminate dead leads with the help of build-in relationship analytics. This helps staff to focus on dealing with serious sales. Now planning, designing, deploying the complete marketing campaigns becomes easier and brings all together in one place in Microsoft dynamics 365. This tracks all marketing data and guides you to make a purchase decision smarter.

Improves Client Retention

Dynamics 365 holds both local and cloud solutions. It has a Cortana Intelligence Suite that analyses sales and project status. With seamless workflow, you can connect project, sales, and service operations together. Supports to streamline lead generation from existing clients, helps to retain clients and improves revenue, reduces the real struggle to handle customers. In dynamics dashboard Sales teams can initiate projects and this option guides project managers and technical staff to make the right decision and also generate timetables, reminders about action items and sales billing.

Minimizing Infrastructure Overhead

This Dynamics 365 has an infrastructure that delivers predictable schedules with the help of in-build cloud-based CRM reduces downtime. Microsoft Dynamics 365 breaks the old barriers with the latest AI for deploying CRM and ERP systems to their business at the lowest cost and initiates for profit-generating.

Discover more ROI

It helps sales and marketing representatives to resolve their customer’s problems that build strong business strategy and finds out loyal and real engaged members often turn out to be great repeat customers for your business. Dynamics 365 solutions strengthen your brand awareness at an affordable price compared to other channels leads to generate more ROI.

Simplifies Employee Management

Dynamics 365 allows employees to have customized dashboards by keeping their essentials which are often used and also they can remove items that are no longer used. Microsoft Dynamics also provides a great suite of HR tools to simplify project functions, HR processes. It eliminates grumbles of ERP and CRM operations resulting in easier backend operations. This unifies all different ERP into a single platform that helps your customers and sales teams. Employees can access in a single dashboard can perform functions like Hiring, performance management, Onboarding and all managed in a single place.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services

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