Embedding an RSS feed into your SharePoint site

08 Jul 2019

We are going to see, how to embed an RSS feed into our SharePoint site. There are two steps to be followed to do so.

01. Obtain RSS feed URL
02. Insert RSS viewer Web Part into the page

These are the two steps to be followed and below are the instructions given.

Getting RSS Feed URL

RSS URL is provided by most of the news websites. You can find an icon near the articles or stories on their website.
For instance, if you are looking into a Loss Angles Post Online, it provides you with an option of selection huge variety of blogs and categories to subscribe. You can click on any RSS icons which gives you the RSS URL. You should remember, that the page will be popped up with XML code and you should ignore it.

Insert RSS Viewer Web Part into the Page

This is the second step to be followed, you need to insert an out of box RSS web part into the page. You should follow the below steps to implement the same.

1. Edit the Page

2. Select Insert Tab, followed by Content Rollup > RSS Viewer. Click Add.

3. Save the Page

Configure RSS View Web Part

Now RSS Viewer Web Part has been added to the page, then you should configure it.

1. Select Open the tool pane link

2. Insert RSS URL into the RSS Feed URL box. There is an option of configuring other settings like refresh time, number of articles in a feed, as well as Appearance (Title).

3. Click OK

4. Once the above steps are done, allow few seconds for the changes to reflect, refresh or reload the page for the changes.

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