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Office 365 Onboarding
23 May 2022


How Can Microsoft 365 Help With Employee Onboarding?

Employee Onboarding Using Microsoft 365 – Hiring a new employee for the company is a lengthy, complicated, and time-consuming procedure. The employee’s journey in the organization begins when the post is filled, which intensifies HR and departmental staff’s efforts. Onboarding is never just an HR function. It also involves the department in which the person is hired, as well as other departments that are related to it (like IT). Furthermore, an employee’s performance in the company is determined by how well and fast they integrate into their tasks and responsibilities, coworkers, and culture.

HRs must work together to complete cross-departmental activities outside of the HR department, adding to the complexities and turmoil.

To expedite the multifarious HR activities, a uniform onboarding process is required to familiarise workers with the business.

Conducting and tracking this entire process appears to be time-consuming and chaotic to an HR Manager, affecting new recruit productivity. Automation is the best answer for removing confusion and making onboarding a more interactive and enjoyable experience.

The Microsoft 365 intranet and its quick onboarding capabilities make it simple to integrate new employees into the firm. What role does the Microsoft 365 intranet play in automation? Let us clarify.

Create an Onboarding Site

Create an onboarding portal/site that includes all company-related information, such as news and announcements, holiday calendars, company history and values, personal and departmental profiles, and more, to help new employees understand and adjust to their new work environment. Managers can use Office 365 onboarding to determine when and how much information a new employee has access to. They can change the access after the quarterly appraisals or when the employee’s probation is over.

Documentation and Form Completion

Upload all documents and forms to the Microsoft 365 intranet. Make them easily accessible to the new hire, and build up approval protocols to let them finish all documents online. It’s a neat and efficient way to finish up all the preliminary paperwork.

Design an Onboarding Checklist

You can create an automated checklist of onboarding tasks to accomplish. After the employee enters their information, department information, and start date, a checklist with tasks to do, associated persons, and department can be generated, with real-time tracking. Create a checklist for several onboarding stages, such as before the first day, the first day, and the first month/quarter, and send reminders for completed tasks as their due dates approach to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

Orientation and Training

Use Office 365 onboarding, which contains self-running slideshows, videos, lectures, and other training materials, to give training content at a click. You can construct courses for them to complete and set brief tests at the end to assess their comprehension. All of this will eliminate the need for trainers, allowing employees to complete training at their own pace and convenience.

Performance Appraisal Process

The initial appraisal is critical for both the new recruit and the department since it determines the new hire’s future in the company. Managers can create staff goals at the start of the quarter, conduct assessments at the end, and make calculations according to the set boundaries because goal-setting and appraisal are an important part of Office 365 onboarding. It also alerts managers and new hires to upcoming activities as well as the accomplishment of process milestones.

Meeting with your new hires after a month or two to review their impressions of how onboarding went is critical. Instead of a face-to-face encounter, an online survey form on the employee onboarding site can be used, with the completion of the survey becoming a necessary duty for the new recruit after three months. It will provide you with insights into the Office 365 onboarding process and experience, allowing you to improve and eliminate ineffective or confusing practices.

Automate the process using Office 365 onboarding to ensure that new employees are seamlessly integrated into the organization. Assisting in the development of long-term connections and increasing efficiency and loyalty is the smooth fulfillment of duties such as documentation, familiarisation with company norms, department orientation, login setting, providing equipment for completing the job, and so on.

A positive onboarding experience reflects well on a firm and is linked to higher employee retention. The entire process may be made more accessible, faster, and less stressful with SharePoint employee onboarding.

The Microsoft 365 intranet may also be used to welcome new hires by highlighting their experience and what they bring to the firm on the home page. It informs other employees that new hiring is on the way, making it easier for them to spot the newcomer and introduce themselves.

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