How Microsoft Dynamics 365 improves Customer Engagement

Microsoft dynamics 365 customer engagement
27 Aug 2019

If a company wants to be successful, they should also give importance to their customers and consider customers are the core factor of their business. Customer support is not only required when they have an issue with the product, it should start form the initial sales process and should continue forever with service and support. Microsoft dynamics 365 CRM improves business sales process.

Relationship with customers should be build and strengthen by the employees of Business CRM users. There are two questions, which are discussed often: How CRM can be used to empower Client Side Rendering(CSR) in the field to fully occupy the customers? And Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer Engagement module, how can a business generate more leads and sales?

CRM has an option of capturing data of customer interaction with employees; the employees should use this option, which helps in improving customer experience.

1. Delivering message to your Clients with Microsoft Dynamics 365

As I mentioned above Microsoft Dynamics CRM has an option of capturing data. You will have full history of a customer on your software such as, what are the products purchased? Did they raise any concern? How was the customers contacted? Each and everything are captured.

2. Choose the right audience to deliver the right messages

Once the message is developed, you need to choose the audience based on the content you have drafted. There are different ways in segmenting customer’s data in Dynamics CRM, this will help you in communicating in your personalized ways.

Your content should be a priority of your audience, and should focus on profitability, if its marketing people focus on lead generations and find the apt tools to monitor and develop their effectiveness. To improve your results on your engagement activities you need to speak and understand the needs of your audience.

3. Choose the correct time

While arranging a customer engagement campaign, it is must to consider timing and frequency. Timing relates to not choosing September and requesting for renewal immediately on products purchase or service. Dynamics CRM can capture all the issues of your customer and suggest you when an upgrade or purchase of an-add on product should be communicated.

When frequency is considered, it is mainly used on sending emails, If you want to be on top of your audience mind but not so frequently so frequency is important. While posting your content on social media, it is very important your content is rich, compelling and post at the right frequency.

4. Automated campaigns to keep your leads updated

You can create campaigns, emails or landing pages inside Dynamics 365 CRM, which will attract potential customers. You can also configure and personalize templates, which leads to events management that gathers data and keeps the leads engaged throughout the sales cycle.

5. Updating Customer

To keep your customers updated and improve on their needs, you need to create a online forms and save the information to identify customers interests and market trends. You can publish scores depending on criterial you choose.

6. Self-service portals

Self-service portals need to be setup to drive customer engagement and it will be more flexible for the customers. The portal is a combination of contact centers, CRM systems, technical support teams and service or product information ahead on single online “omni-portal” for the customers to access based on their requirement and need.

7. Auto generated contacts for “orphaned” leads

The requirement here is, each lead has a contact related to Marketing features in Dynamics 365. Still there are leads, which are developed on the first step, so there is no need of contact record associated with them. This issue can be resolved using Dynamics 365 custom workflow. It auto generates and links a contact record for each new or existing unmatched lead record.

8. Developing marketing segments by questioning lead records

To display yourself with the right contacts to the right people you need to create contacts from orphaned lead and it leads to make marketing contacts from sales contacts, which makes you to develop a custom view.
It first targets the marketing and then to sales by leads. As soon as a salesperson user profile enters a lead, the system will consider that the sales team had engaged with that lead and they will be marketing qualified lead.

9. Distinct the auto generated contacts

“Marketing only” can be flagged on the contact entity. This will helps in distinct the contacts that are auto generated (Marketing-only) from other contact types. This simple flagging method will help you in setting up list views for salesperson who wants to be updated on sales qualified contacts.

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