How Power Business Intelligence Application Related to SharePoint Development

17 Apr 2020

Introduction to Power BI

Power BI is known as Power Business Intelligence. In present word, everyone deals with tons of data and information it might be company sales, project data or customer information. In order make this information more meaningful and easier to view we organize it into reports and visual dashboards. Power BI application is tool, which is used to create and view the data in a very simple and understandable format.

Is Power BI different from other tools?

Yes, Power BI is different from other commercial business tools. Power Business Intelligence application is easy to use. In the beginning, if the user wants to generate some business Intelligence reports, they need to have some expensive data warehouse tools.
Power Business Intelligence is user friendly and has an inbuilt user interface, so report generation is very easy as working with Excel. Power BI is as comfortable as working with Excel.

Power BI application related to SharePoint

Power BI is independent of SharePoint, but both very closely integrated.

Power BI is part of Office 365

As discussed above, Power Bi is integrated with SharePoint and part of Office 365.

Power BI can grab data from SharePoint

Yes, Power BI can source data from multiple sources, such as Excel, external databases and 3rd party apps. Apart from that, it can also store information from SharePoint. The information can be saved in SharePoint custom list or Excel document within OneDrive/SharePoint Document library. Power BI can also be integrated to Project Online, which allows you generate reports/graphs on any project data such as tasks and resources and develop custom reports for your PMO.

Power BI reports can be integrated into SharePoint Site/Page

Power Business Intelligence reports can be embedded into SharePoint development site/page. The user can develop the reports in Power BI and can be viewed or displayed to the other employees as a visual graphs or reports.

To create reports and dashboard in Power BI

Power BI has two ways to work, they are as follows:
01. Power BI via Browser
02. Power BI via desktop application

Power BI via browser

This option helps in creating reports and dashboards in the browser of Power BI service.

Power BI via desktop application

To user option, you need to download a Power BI desktop App. This option has many features when compared to browser option.

Access and visualize Power BI Reports

To access and visualize the Power BI reports, we have many ways for the users to do it.

  • Through Browser (accessible via shared URL)
  • Through SharePoint Page
  • Through Mobile App

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