How Social Project Management is Accomplished with SharePoint and Office 365

SharePoint Project Management
16 Jan 2019


Social project management is a new pattern of project management technique where social and associative aspects are more pivotal and meaningful than authentic project management fundamentals and methodologies. Since understanding and communication are key notions of this philosophy, SharePoint Project Management process for social collaboration, requires non-traditional project management software that accelerates communication and openness.


Currently, the best way to make SharePoint “social”, your best idea was to plunge a disguised photo of yourself onto the SharePoint Intranet site. As such, the only thing you could do was to decide on whether you would decide to embed a Newsfeed or a Discussion board on your SharePoint site. >These were all the options. Despite the effort, SharePoint sites remain one of the broadly passive platforms with unvarying document libraries, boring calendars, tasks list. There was nothing socially enthralling. SharePoint web service

Illustration of Newsfeed on SharePoint Site Collection, against its resemblance to Twitter, it never caught up with SharePoint sites

Boy, have things changed lately. SharePoint sites stepped ahead and got a new modern page which includes a whole new set of modern (and social) SharePoint web parts. There are few examples of those social web parts: Create Site Activity, News, Yammer Feed, Office 365 Group Calendar. Modern document libraries are not any more static repositories of documents. An intelligent search with modern filters allows for a quick and habitual way to find content. Purchase Order SharePoint Documents filters and types Document management features evolved drastically. Versioning and co-authoring provide equal participation in the discussion and document reviews, and everyone’s response is considered and marked. There were dynamic changes going through formal and bureaucratic permissions and request to change. Sharing seems to be restructured. It is not burdensome to share sites, files and folders with internal and external stakeholders, increasing collaborative user input. Documents Share


A rather easy to secure feature comes standard with Office 365 Groups (same access shared with all Office 365 Groups assets like SharePoint Site, Planner and Team/Channel) grants greater clearness within the organization or a project team. These features tend to curtail barriers of information.


The planner provides a platform to hold on conversations for every task is a great on! It’s quietly not a simple project manager which creates schedules in MS Project. Feedback is under everyone’s vicinity and taken into considerations for tasks and scheduling.Comments


Teams are meant to be associated with transparency. The ability to hold live conversations in a chat-based continuous mode is brilliant. Teams are open in terms of security – its various channels are just means of organizing conversations, not creating unnecessary borders. Microsoft Teams


Delve, is rather an extension that helps in managing projects. But its ability of organizational chart and extensive contact/user profile information makes it an interactive employee directory to search for proper contacts and skill set. DELVE APP Also check the previous posts:  How to Persuade Your Boss About SharePoint and Office 365 to Improve Productivity?
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