How to create custom views in SharePoint

05 Jul 2019

Metadata has a special feature where you can view the information in any way as you wish. You can customize SharePoint custom list, task list, issues log, list of announcements or a document library. This SharePoint customization is done by metadata as you desire. Our experts helps to create Custom SharePoint application development according to your business needs which fits your organization, provides 24/7  SharePoint support and maintenance.

Steps to create custom SharePoint

Group by Metadata in SharePoint

Group by feature is handy when having lots of metadata columns. It helps you in grouping the information by the properties. Group by feature helps in mimic folder experience and is used in document library.

1. Gear Icon > Library Settings

2. At the end of the page, you will see Views, click Create viewSharePoint Views

3. Alternate Ways to create view.Alternative Create View

4. Select a standard view

Settings View type

5. Move down to Group By Section.

6. Select 1 or 2 grouping fields

Grouping Fields

7. Select OK

Documents Name

Filter by dynamic filters

You have 2 dynamic filters present in custom SharePoint lists and libraries.
• Me – This will filters on a person field depends on the current user logged in
• Today – This will filters date field depends on today’s date

Some scenarios where you might be benefited from the dynamic filters above:

• Assigned To is equal to [Me]
• If you want to filter for items or files created or changed by the user who is logged in (Modified By is equal to [Me])
• If you want to Display items or files that have expired (Expiration Date < [Today])
1. Follow above instructions to create a view
2. In the view creation screen, move down to Filter section
3. Now filter by the dynamic fields mentioned above

Dynamic Filter

Hide folders

This trick applies to document library views. Below is the instructions to be followed.
• Follow steps above to create a view
• In the view creation screen, move down to Folders section
• Below Folders or Flat, choose Show all items without folders radio button
• Click OK

Hide Folders

Restrict Number of items

The last trick is to limit number of items displayed in certain view. It looks like google page with the search numbers 2 or 3. So you can limit a view to certain numbers as per the requirements.

Follow steps above to create a view

In the view creation screen, move to Item Limit section
Select number of records you want to display
Select Limit the total number of items returned to the specified amount radio button
Click OK

Item Limit

Documents Name

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