Is Office 365 Secured?? Here’s Why You Should Use Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 Secure
15 Mar 2019

Office 365 Security

Office 365 Security features is the essential reason that keeps the organizations moving towards cloud. Microsoft office 365 E5 packages includes Office 365 which has enterprise security features and it’s considered as a start for cloud collaboration platforms. Now we will focus on different Security aspects of Office 365

Organizational perspective on Office 365 security Best Practices

When a data is already secured and fully managed by the organization, then comes a question, why it should be moved to cloud and accessed by a third party even if it’s a popular software. So we have answers for most of the questions raised by the organization to start Office 365.

How Microsoft protects Office 365 deployment Project plans and data

Usually deployment is carried out through Microsoft Data centers which are in different locations and they have many layers of physical security which will prevent any attempts of physical breaks. Microsoft is fully responsible for office 365 security protection. It will keep your data inaccessible and keeps it away from advertising and marketing from third parties. You should be aware that Microsoft can disclose your data, this happens in case of legal requirements, but its shared only if the organization fails to make an attempt to answer Microsoft intimation regarding data disclosure.

What are the features of Office 365 security that can be leveraged?

Below two features can be leveraged in Office 365 security Concerns:

  • Built-in security features

  • Customer controls

The different ways of threat protection mechanisms called proprietary threat management strategy. Microsoft office 365 SharePoint security best practices, which helps in keeping the organizations away from malware and viruses, phishing campaigns and spoofing, DDoS attacks and any type of security threats. There are multiple layers of customer controls for each organization to set an exclusive security within office 365 security products. This includes essential security aspects such as safe access to office 365 planning services and subscriptions for multi-factor authentication and role-based access control (RBAC) for end users, data loss prevention (DLP) features, message encryption.

Is Office 365 is compliant?

Office 365 fulfill the needs in ISO 27001, European Union Model Clauses, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Business Associate Agreement (HIPAA BAA), and the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

Microsoft has many certifications and attestations which helps the organizations to comply with their national, regional and industry specific requirements. Microsoft Compliance Framework gives a glance of services and apps that meets the highest level of compliance in Office 365. We would suggest you to consult with Microsoft or Office 365 consulting service provider agency on compliance issues.

Users perspective on Office 365 Products

Office 365 business essentials and premium gives a freedom of working on various devices and from any locations. It enables encryption of data from both the end users, which is your content is ciphered and can’t be accessed unless a malicious user has a decryption key. The major advantage in office 365 security concerns is, it uses advanced encryption protocols and technologies, such as TLS/SSL protocols, Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Office 365 on mobile devices

Microsoft Office 365 can accessed in any devices with high security.

O365 has two important sets of tools:

  • Office 365 Mobile device management (MDM) features

  • Microsoft Intune

MDM feature helps in removing sensitive data if the device is lost. Microsoft In-tune can be used in enterprises having complex mobile environment.

Managing Shared Data

Office 365 business premium plan helps the users to manage their shared data more effectively, since it has Data Leak Prevention Policies which takes care of security challenge and Office 365 admins can set DLP policies, where automatic alerts will be triggered when an email or documents containing sensitive content is shared, also admins have access to block the sensitive information anytime.

IT admin views on Microsoft Office 365 security

There are variety of security solutions and tools which are available in Office 365, IT people can get the access to Office 365 admin center for support, security and manage variety of security requirements, such as

  • User permissions
  • Security setting within Office 365 groups
  • Security updates
  • Access rights for external users
  • Security policies
  • Security reports across Office 365 apps and services

Apart from that, they can also access Office 365 Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Skype for Business and Yammer.

Detecting office 365 security, compliance and weaknesses

Office 365 Secure Score portal helps in tracking the security and permits the admins to:

  • Comparison is done between deployment and established baselines to check the present security state
  • Security breach is altered to admins
  • Suggestion is given on fixing the detected issues and to improve security score

Though Microsoft Office 365 business plans and personal has various security measures to protect your data, still it is not sole responsible to protect your data. Security is one of features which is present and it is taken serious by Office 365 login but your effort is required to take full control of your data. Organizations should have internal team to access security challenges, if not you can always contact Office 365 consulting team to have a secured data sharing.

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