Learn how to choose the right SharePoint deployment for your business?

sharepoint deployment
28 Mar 2019

SharePoint deployment has bloomed into a successful service with many options and tools which helps the organization to customize according to their requirement. Below are the most commonly used deployment options that might suit for your company.

SharePoint 2016

SharePoint gives an option of managing your organizations associated hardware, servers, network and storage by your operations team.

When to choose SharePoint 2016:

  • Organizational Policies (For example: security, data that doesn’t allow the usage of cloud services)
  • When you can maintain an environment on premises with the help of staff, data center, hardware, and software
  • When you don’t need access to SharePoint apart from your organization
  • When you have customization’s which is not supported in cloud

When Not to choose SharePoint 2016:

  • When you don’t have Data center capacity
  • Having servers, network, storage, and staffing is not under your budget
  • When you require access to SharePoint even outside your organization

SharePoint Online & Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 business essentials contains updated workplace applications such as SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Word Online, PowerPoint Online, Excel Online, Delve, OneNote and Sway.
Data centers, storage, servers, network and management tools is fully owned and managed by Microsoft, but administers licensing, access and data management should be carried out by your organizations.

When to choose SharePoint Online and Office 365:

  • When you want productivity tools or mixing of toolsets and want to standardize
  • When you don’t want to manage software distribution and updates
  • When you want to Standardize on thin client model to end user computing

When Not to choose SharePoint Online and Office 365:

  • When your policy doesn’t allow you to use cloud services
  • When you want to restrict access to SharePoint outside your organization
  • When you have customization’s which is not supported in cloud

SharePoint Hybrid

Hybrid is a combination of SharePoint 2016, SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365. This is possible when enterprise has SharePoint 2016 installed with Office 365 setup. Basically two options are connected via trust, sync service and proxy this allows your account is managed and search results are interconnected with both the options.

when to choose SharePoint Hybrid:

  • When your policy allows the usage of cloud services
  • When you already have compliance requirements which keeps your SharePoint on-premium but must expand offering
  • you require permission to SharePoint outside your organization
  • you have customization’s that is not required to run in cloud

Choosing the right SharePoint deployment is very important and will take time to select perfect one for your business depending on your requirements.

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