Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare: How Microsoft 365 Reshapes the Healthcare Industry?

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare
16 Apr 2021

In the healthcare field, a matter of a few seconds can save someone’s life. As an industry devoted to aiding those when they are defenseless, healthcare is arguably the most important sector in terms of technological investments. However, the healthcare industry is facing many hurdles in meeting the needs of patients. 

Advanced health systems and health solutions can improve outcomes and make a drastic difference in a patient’s life. The healthcare industry until now has stayed low-key with digital technological communication, however, Microsoft 365 is changing how the healthcare industry and doctors are operating and communicating to provide personalized care for patients and their families. 

Let’s see how Microsoft 365 is reshaping the healthcare industry.

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare professions brings collective capabilities to customers and partners that enhance patient engagement. Microsoft 365 empowers the healthcare team in improved collaboration and generates clinical and operational data insights to enhance decision-making and operational proficiency. Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare helps professionals provide care in a faster and easier manner while also ensuring end-to-end security and compliance standards.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a bundle of programs containing Windows 10, Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility Security. It’s been around since 2017 and has 1.2 billion users worldwide. There are bundles targeted to different groups, including Enterprise, Business, and more.

Enhanced Data Security

Even if you are not part of the medical field you most certainly have heard of HIPAA before – the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This act governs medical privacy and who can access your medical records. However, if you do work in the medical field, you will know the importance of these laws. Security has been the primary as well as the biggest hurdle in healthcare communication because you have to be certain you are communicating in the right forum that complies with HIPAA regulations. Fortunately, Microsoft 365 is up to the challenge.

Built on the secure and compliant Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, Teams is HIPPA compliant and is also acquitted with standards like HITRUST, SOC 1, SOC 2, GDPR, and more. 

Secure Messaging Platform

Electronic messaging is more than just about convenience. Medical situations move quickly, and doctors will have to get all related information about a patient as quickly as possible. Thanks to Microsoft 365, doctors can now use a secure, convenient operation system to get this information. 

Microsoft Teams provides a secure hub with messaging abilities for doctors and when a message is marked urgent, the recipient gets a notification every two minutes until they respond to the same. If there are any issues and recipients can’t deal with the question, they can delegate it to another staff member.

Users can now send messages and capture and share images within the chat. Users can also relay urgent information because Teams meet the improved security and compliance requirements for healthcare organizations.

Care Coordination

Patients updates can be coordinated in real-time through the connections of the electronic health records, Office apps, or line of business apps. Now you can also organize, share and prioritize information under one single hub.

Streamlined Workflows

Working on any team requires an immense amount of collaboration, and medical teams are no different. Doctors need to be constantly informed about what medications you have taken and specialists need to know what your primary care doctor has told you and nurses have to know about updated care plans. And workflows are the best ways to manage these communications, however, there was no secure way to handle this.

In Microsoft Teams, healthcare workers can create customizable workflows. Administrators can create protocols to limit access to files. The portal can be personalized to suit one’s needs, and with streamlined workflows, you can share announcements across the organization to keep everyone updated on important information. 


With Microsoft 365 you can connect with anyone inside or outside your organization by conducting audio or video meetings. Microsoft 365 enables you to engage between practitioners or staff and across departments, units, or your entire healthcare network. 

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 Healthcare

  1. Security and compliance for healthcare
  2. A holistic approach to security and compliance
  3. A pivotal moment in healthcare
  4. Microsoft Teams and HIPAA compliance

In the healthcare industry, the ability to communicate efficiently and securely can be a matter of life and death. Microsoft 365 is enabling innovations in healthcare technology that will make patient’s healthcare safer and more productive than ever before. Get a free consultation with Microsoft 365 expert team now!


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