Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Construction Industry: What You Should Care?

Dynamics 365 for Construction
19 Oct 2021


The needs for managing projects and assets have changed as the construction industry has developed and matured. In other words, project management has evolved into a matrix involving numerous complicated responsibilities such as project management, resource management, financial management, and more. Construction projects can have hundreds, if not thousands, of moving parts, as we all know. Employees, contractors, suppliers, materials, and inventories must all be tracked and aligned on a regular basis. In the construction sector, the issue is to keep track of all of these elements while staying on budget and on time.

Even though spreadsheets and custom software solutions have found their way into many organizations’ management processes, the risk of error is always present, especially when working on a series of projects, whether they are related or have unique requirements. As the demand for high-quality, predictable results grows, more construction companies are turning to integrated business management systems such as Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Construction:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Construction is a single intelligent cloud solution that gives you a comprehensive view of your construction company. Your staff can access and share the same information from a single location, whether they are on-site or in the office. This ensures that everyone can contribute to completing projects on time and on budget. You can expand up your business safely knowing that Microsoft Dynamics can grow with you since you have a system in place that lets every project function well. Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects your ERP and CRM systems, ensuring that your financials and workflows are fully connected. This makes it effortless to keep track of costs at every stage of a project’s lifecycle and to get real-time data from wherever in your company.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Construction?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers you to confidently take on any construction project and expand your business. It will not only change the way you deliver projects on a daily basis, but it is also scalable and adaptable to your goals.

Real estate and construction enterprises can use Dynamics 365 for construction to obtain a competitive advantage through technology. The Dynamics 365 solution package provides easy-to-use modules that can help you engage with merchants, maintain visibility, and increase your business’s sales success. The user-friendly interface, similar to that of other Microsoft products, automates and streamlines business processes, allowing you to obtain insights through BI and adjust in real-time with extendable functionalities.

Contractors can monitor construction while also managing all of the resources required to accomplish the job. The software enables you to keep track of the project’s finances, operations, progress, and profitability. All of your construction-specific capabilities, such as critical project accounting, job quoting, project management, labour and equipment resource management, subcontract management, job material planning, and customer relationships, are all integrated into one database in Dynamics 365, allowing users to easily manage their business roles and responsibilities.

Dynamics 365 is unrivaled with the following modules for propelling your organization forward with construction-specific capabilities based on sophisticated analytics, machine learning, Artificial intelligence, and IoT-driven automation.

  • Dynamics 365 Finance
  • Dynamics 365 Sales & Marketing
  • Dynamics 365 Supply Chain
  • Dynamics 365 Human Resource
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • Dynamics 365 Project Management
  • Dynamics 365 Commerce

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics for Construction:

Mobile technology:

Ensures that your field staffs have access to the information they need when they need it with a centralized solution like Dynamics 365. Project information can be supplied to cell phones, laptops, and tablets – anywhere, anytime – instead of dialing or visiting the office.

Schedule and manage resources:

Resource management is made easier with a drag-and-drop schedule board. Ensure that the correct people, equipment, and assets are assigned to the right projects and that the most important customers are given top priority.

Improve document control:

Documents are essential to the success of any endeavor. Maintain strong controls over blueprints, invoices, and customer information to guarantee continuity and consistency across teams and departments.

Use real-time dashboards:

Dashboards in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for construction provides at-a-glance business intelligence for project managers. Follow KPIs to avoid surprises and adopt a proactive approach to project activity.

Focus on your business:

Cloud-based business platforms provide cutting-edge technology without putting a strain on your IT department. Reduce upfront expenditures, avoid downtime during upgrades, and free up IT to focus on developing new value-added technology to help operations and growth.

Track your inventory in real-time:

Keep track of your valuable assets by knowing where your machines, tools, and materials are at all times.

Material management & fabrication:

In the warehouse and in your mobile field service vehicles, keep track of all of your materials and procurement processes. To maximize equipment ROI, strategically arrange and use high-cost equipment across numerous projects. Import BOMs from BIM solutions quickly and easily, and manage fabrication requirements in real-time, with comprehensive project visibility of committed and actual costs.

Keep clients up to speed:

You can correctly anticipate costs and provide progress updates to clients using a real-time picture of a project’s development. This level of transparency creates trust.

Cut your admin time dramatically:

By choosing an integrated solution, you won’t have to waste time entering or retrieving data from numerous systems. Everything is in one place with Microsoft Dynamics 365 since it seamlessly interacts with your existing Microsoft tools.

Get the full picture and adapt quickly:

Every employee has access to business-critical data at all times and from any location. The need to contact the office for information is no longer necessary. Having a single view of a project allows you to anticipate changes and potential delays. You may make changes without disturbing or endangering the project this way.

Robust construction accounting:

Support for Project Accounting, AIA billing, change order management (both owner and subcontractor), advanced budgeting and forecasting, and visual analytics delivered to your inbox with your morning cup of coffee. With the help of add-on solutions, you can track and manage revenue recognition in construction projects.

Subcontract management:

Compliance with subcontractors, RFIs and submittals, lien management, change orders, and any other requirements. Manage all of your subcontracting needs with Dynamics 365’s integrated access to project assets, maintenance modules, and more.


Construction is a complicated business area because of its disparate tools and systems, which leads to inefficient business processes. Through the installation of the Dynamics 365 ERP & CRM software, Veelead Solutions creates a culture of collaboration in the construction sector, resulting in better outcomes. Share your requirements with us!

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