Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional and Enterprise

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17 Aug 2019


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional

Sales professionals use Microsoft Dynamics 365. Dynamics 365 for sales App are classified into two, they are as follows:

01. Sales Professional
02. Sales Enterprise

Common features in D365 Sales Enterprise and Professional

Below are the common features present in Microsoft 365 for Sales and Enterprise Professional applications:

  1. You can have any number of users
  2. Dashboards
  3. Users of both licenses can create and customize all Microsoft dynamics 365 AI for sales entities such as Accounts, Contacts, Activities, Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, Products, Price Lists, Campaigns, and Marketing Lists.
  4. The new update – Spring 18, Microsoft includes both Sales apps in Case Management entities, which helps in Customer Service.
  5. You can use Outlook and Excel to connect your Microsoft 365 sales AI with Power BI

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Vs Professional

Below are the missing features in dynamics 365 for sales professional App:

  • Access for customer Self-Service portal, this is used to minimize the cost and improve the customer-client relationship
  • Access to Sandbox is not included

Note: You can purchase each by paying extra

  • Powerapps is not part of it
  • Customization – there are few restrictions on options, which purely depends on a Professional license.

Below are functions and services available only for Enterprise licensed users:

  1. Sales embedded insights (formerly Relationship Insights)
  2. Sales Goals
  3. Territory Management
  4. Hierarchies
  5. Relationships
  6. Voice of the Customer surveys
  7. Microsoft Social Engagement
  8. Mobile Offline Sync
  9. Gamification

As you are aware, all these features are very important for an organization to meet the requirements and achieve its KPI.

Advantages of Dynamics 365 for Enterprise App

  1. Sell smarter with embedded intelligence
  2. Minimize email engagement with embedded intelligence
  3. Keep an eye on social trends that help in the buyer’s decision
  4. Engage buyers with social media
  5. Provide intelligent and smarter guidance
  6. Gain visibility and insights
  7. Simplify sales execution

One should analyze their business requirements to choose between a Professional or Enterprise App. The key is D365 for Sales Professional has the same platform as the Enterprise license.

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