Microsoft Teams Vs Yammer Vs SharePoint | How to Choose the Right Solution?

Teams Vs Yammer Vs SharePoint
03 Nov 2021

Microsoft gives its customers a lot of options for collaboration and productivity. In which some applications have functionalities that overlap. Yammer, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint are examples of this. All of these were created with the goal of increasing collaboration, production, and communication. Choosing whether to use these tools and for which scenarios might be perplexing, especially if you’re new to Microsoft 365. It’s best to give a brief overview of each of these services.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is a collaboration platform focused on chat. Documents, chats, apps, and other files can be easily shared within a closed group or conversation. Teams provides real-time workspace notes, chat attachments, and meetings in a virtual area. SharePoint-like document management tools are built-in. Individual teams have access to private channels. The team or channel to which you belong determines which papers or files you have access to. Integrating Teams with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security allows you to lock down files. As of this writing, conversations cannot be restricted, but they will be implemented early next year.

Microsoft Teams’ chat capabilities are where it really shines for regular use. You can use Teams to hold convenient chats with everyone you need, whether it’s 1:1 or group chat. This allows users to move away from email and receive more instant responses. It also has persistent chat, so you can look up earlier chats, check what files were shared for reference, and so on.

Audiences served:

Ideal for internal conversations with those who work closely in the organization. External users can gain access to the channel by sharing an invitation.


  • Team communication and collaboration in real time.
  • All-in-one document storing, sharing, discussion, and associated collaboration apps.
  • Creating polls, asking questions, and appreciating someone within a team or department.
  • Creating new meetings and viewing the calendar.
  • Audio and video calling, as well as chat and online meetings.

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Yammer is an enterprise social networking service and app that allows companies to communicate securely and privately. Information can be simply shared with a larger group. Due to the difficulty in tracking the feeds, it’s best utilized as a reference rather than for collaboration. Yammer is not suited for handling confidential data because the information is disseminated across the organization.

While Microsoft Teams focuses on collaboration and day-to-day communication, Yammer should be utilised for company-wide announcements and cross-departmental knowledge exchange. The ability to communicate across departments is very useful on a daily basis.

Audiences served:

Everyone in the organization, including external users who have been invited to the Yammer group.


  • Informal communication across the organization.
  • Announcements that are not related to business.
  • Creating surveys, asking questions, and appreciating someone in the organization.
  • Creating a positive business culture and increasing employee engagement


SharePoint is a platform for content management and collaboration in the company, as well as individuals you work closely with if you’re on a team site. If necessary, external users can gain access as guests. With built-in version tracking, co-authoring, document tracking, and more, information can be conveniently stored, shared, and collaborated on. Team sites are available for specific groups to use. Permissions are specified by role or even per person for access to documents or files. One of the nicest features is the ability to combine other apps and customise the usage.

There has been a noticeable improvement in SharePoint over the years. It’s easier than ever to create a modern-looking site from the ground up, and businesses are relying less on professionals to get things started. A modernized SharePoint site is now faster and more user-friendly, making it an ideal choice for an enterprise seeking for a long-term intranet solution that is both trustworthy and well-integrated.

The importance of SharePoint may be associated with two factors: one, its ease of use, and the other, the convenience it provides to enterprises. SharePoint, as a document management solution and collaboration platform, assists organizations in effectively integrating their workflow. Thanks to its comprehensive collection of technologies and integration features, SharePoint brings a business together by simplifying internal procedures.

Audiences served:

Generally for every employee in the organization, and those you work closely within the context of a team site. Guest access is also available for external users if required.


  • Communication across the organization and within teams.
  • All-in-one document storage, sharing, discussion, and collaboration.
  • Content governance and records management.
  • Intranet portals and sites.
  • Customizable platform for business tasks such as onboarding new employees, reimbursement and cost management, issue tracking, and project management, among others.

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