Multilevel Approval Process with Power Automate

Multilevel Approval Process with Power Automate
22 Nov 2023

Veelead offers a comprehensive solution for businesses to simplify and automate the multiple approval workflow process. This solution facilitates utilizing Power Automate to easily define and implement multilevel approval processes. This powerful tool enables organizations to make critical decisions accurately and efficiently. Integrating with Power Automate further enhances the solution’s functionality, automating repetitive tasks and reducing manual effort, resulting in increased productivity.

Why do we need multiple approvals in Power Automate?

As a project manager, you may need to approve project files that your team shares daily. A straightforward way to do this is to create a Power Automate flow with a one-step approval process. Doing this will notify you whenever your team makes a new file or SharePoint item.

However, an approval workflow sometimes requires a pre-approval before the final approver signs off. For example, before a general project plan is sent to stakeholders, it must be approved by the project manager.

Benefits of multiple approvals in Power Automate

Power Automate automates workflows to optimize business processes. Multiple approvals enhance workflow management by providing better control and visibility.

Improved Accuracy and Compliance:

Having multiple approvers ensures stakeholder review, reducing errors and ensuring compliance.

Enhanced Accountability:

Multiple approvals add accountability and ensure responsible decision-making, which is crucial for sensitive or high-impact workflows.

Reduced Bottlenecks:

Parallel approval stages can streamline the workflow by allowing simultaneous approval of different process parts, reducing bottlenecks and expediting the process.

Flexibility and Adaptability:

Multiple approvals provide workflow flexibility, allowing for review and approval based on individual expertise or role.

Enhanced Security:

When you require multiple levels of approval, it helps make your processes more secure. This is especially important for sensitive operations, as it can reduce the risk of unauthorized or erroneous actions.

Audit Trail and Transparency:

Each stage creates a record, allowing for a transparent audit trail that tracks workflow history, making issue identification and resolution easier.

Risk Mitigation:

Multi-approval processes distribute decision-making responsibility and reduce the risk of errors, making them especially useful for critical processes.


As your organization expands, consider implementing multiple approval levels to accommodate increased complexity and scale workflows.

Adherence to Corporate Governance:

Multiple approvals in organizations with strict governance policies help maintain compliance with regulations and internal structures.

Customer Satisfaction:

Multiple approvals can ensure that decisions align with customer expectations and needs in workflows involving customer interactions or service delivery. This contributes to improved customer satisfaction.

How do you set up multiple approvals in Power Automate?

If you want to establish multiple approvals in Power Automate, these are the steps you should follow:


Automating approval processes with Veelead’s Power Automate Services involves creating a flow that can manage different approval stages, assign specific approvers, and execute actions based on the outcomes of each step. This helps organizations streamline their complex approval workflows and improve overall efficiency.


In summary, Veelead’s Multilevel Approval Process with Power Automate is an all-inclusive solution that empowers businesses to automate and optimize their approval workflows. This process provides unparalleled customization options due to its seamless integration with Power Automate and various modifiers. By embracing this solution, organizations can streamline their approval processes, significantly improve efficiency, and ensure every request goes through the necessary authorization levels without hassle.

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