Enterprise Office 365 E1 vs E3 vs E5 – Comparison of Plans and Features

Office 365 E1 vs E3 vs E5
12 Mar 2019


What is Office 365?

In the current scenario, the cloud plays a major role in all organizations and everyone wants to move towards the cloud. Office 365 E1, E3 and E5 is an important cloud-based Office 365 subscription plan and service that has the best tools for the organization to operate more effectively.  It has the most successful apps like Excel and Outlook with exclusive cloud services such as OneDrive and Microsoft Teams. Install Office 365 business premium that has the feature of creating and sharing data anywhere on any device.

It helps in collaborating with everyone by team chat, online meetings, co-authoring and sharing files very securely, group email and social network for work. Microsoft Office 365 package includes Office 365 which has enterprise security and it’s considered as a start for cloud collaboration. The different ways of threat protection mechanisms called proprietary threat management strategy in Microsoft which helps in keeping the organizations away from malware and viruses, phishing campaigns and spoofing, DDoS attacks and any type of security threats.Office 365 E1

There are multiple layers of customer controls for each organization to set exclusive security within Office 365. This includes essential security aspects such as safe access to Office 365 consulting services for multi-factor authentication and role-based access control (RBAC) for end-users, data loss prevention (DLP) features, message encryption.

Intelligence and analytics is a key point for many organizations to choose Office 365 business essentials or premium It makes your work culture easier by live data monitoring and helps in making use of updated spreadsheet tools, dashboards, reports and data visualization to discover new stories in your data.

Office 365 Enterprise E1

Microsoft Office E1 is the basic version of Enterprises. This application includes some familiar office tools which offer 1TB of cloud storage per customer in OneDrive for business. The users can store the files in OneDrive, also it can be easily shared with anyone and from any location. It can be used offline by synchronizing with desktops and laptops. This helps the teams in the organization to work faster.

The drawback of using Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E1 is, the application can’t be installed on mobile devices like Smartphones and Tablets. To the experience-rich version of Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E1 is by upgrading your office to 2013 and for Mac Office 2011. Microsoft Enterprise E1 empowers your teams and helps you experience the best services you want and managing your team becomes easier by moving to the cloud.

Office 365 E3

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3 is the improved version of Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E1. This is comparatively costly when compared to Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E1 because of its improved features. Microsoft Office 365 E3 is user-friendly can be used anywhere and anytime which makes your work easier. Its compliance request is simplified and has upgraded data protection which helps in keeping your data safe.

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3 helps in reducing IT investments because it gives you control over your task and automated by moving them to the cloud. This also gives you full license authority to each user. The common concern which is raised by the users is “Will my data be safe, even after canceling the subscription?” this is an important thing to be noted because security plays a major role in each and every organization.

The answer would be the data saved is always yours even if you cancel the subscription. You have an option of downloading your data and can be saved to another location. You should note that this process should take place before canceling the subscription because after canceling, the data stored in Office 365 will be available to your owner with limited access for 90 days.

Microsoft Office 365 E5 

Microsoft Office 365 E5 is the advanced version when compared to Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E1 and E3. The cost price of this version is slightly high. This version is completely built for teams and connecting networks. You can collaborate your infrastructure with one platform for calling, conferencing, video and sharing.

The important feature of Microsoft office 365 Enterprise E5 is a high security, where you can have control with increased privacy and transparency. Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3 and E5 gives you an option to experience its features for free as a trial version. The users can use this free trial and can come to the conclusion of choosing this application.

Now there is a question raised “Post free trial while moving to subscription package can the information stored in a trial can be transferred to subscription account?” The answer is “Yes” the information stored will remain intact when you purchase Office 365 with the same user account used in the trial version. Also, you will get an option of 30 days’ time to purchase and view Office 365 plans and pricing. The data gets deleted if the subscription is not made within that 30 days.

Enterprise Office 365 E1 vs Office 365 E3 vs Office 365 E5 Comparison

Now we are going to discuss the features which are included in Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E1 vs Office 365 E3 vs office 365 E5 features and comparisons


Office 365 Enterprise Features





Office on tablets and phones Yes Yes Yes


Email and calendars Yes Yes Yes


Online Meetings Yes Yes Yes
4 Meeting Broadcast Yes Yes


5 Instant messaging and Skype connectivity Yes Yes


6 Hub for teamwork Yes Yes



File storage and sharing Yes Yes Yes


Intranet and team sites Yes Yes Yes


Corporate social network Yes Yes



Office Online Yes Yes



Work management Yes Yes



Professional digital storytelling Yes Yes



Intelligent search and discovery Yes Yes



Enterprise video service Yes Yes



Apps for Office and SharePoint Yes Yes Yes


Communication and work management Yes Yes Yes


Workflow automation Yes Yes



Web and mobile app development Yes Yes



Audio Conferencing Yes Yes



Modern voice with Phone System Yes Yes



Multi-Geo Capabilities in Office 365 Yes Yes



Reliability Yes Yes



Security Yes Yes




Yes Yes



Administration Yes Yes



Up to date Yes Yes



Active Directory integration Yes Yes



Support Yes Yes



Office suite Yes



Advanced Microsoft office 365 email Yes



Document and email access control Yes



Message Encryption Yes



Mobility Yes



Enterprise management of apps Yes



Voicemail integration (Unified Messaging) Yes



Advanced compliance tools



Information protection Yes


Self-service Business Intelligence in Excel Yes


Advanced information protection



Threat intelligence



Advanced security



Analytics tools



Intelligent compliance solutions



Customer Key Yes

Office on Portable devices

This feature helps you to work on any device, from anywhere using fully installed Office experience across iOS®, Android™ and Windows phones, and tablets. One can install Office mobile apps on 5 tablets and 5 mobile phones

Microsoft office 365 Email and Calendars

One of the important online services is Microsoft office 365 email and Calendars. One can experience business-class emails through Outlook and can be accessed from a desktop or from any browser. The mailbox comes with a memory of 50 GB and you can attach a document up to 150 MB.

Meeting through Online

Meetings become easier with a single touch on Smartphones, tablets or PC. One can conduct a meeting online with Audio, HD Video and Web conferencing by connecting to the internet.

Meeting Broadcast

One can broadcast meetings online and can be viewed/attended by up to 10,000 viewers from anywhere on any device or connecting with a web browser.

Skype for Business Connectivity

Skype for Business helps you to monitor the end-user by knowing their availability status. You can easily communicate with people using messaging, Voice calls and Video calls.

Hub for Teamwork

Hub for Teamwork is an option present in Office 365, where you can connect with your teams by chat, content, people, and tools. This helps your team to have instant access to all business requirements. You can also schedule a plan, assign tasks and connect with organizational apps and resources.

Storage and Sharing

Each user is given 1 TB of cloud storage by OneDrive for Business, it can be operated from any location and from any device. You can also share the documents with people inside and outside the enterprise and comes with a feature of notifying, who has viewed and edited the document.

Intranet and Team Sites

Enterprise can be informed and engaged, also people can be connected with team sites by content, expertise and process.

Organization Social Network

Social network helps in connecting people and to share information across the organization in a faster way. The two software which helps to perform its function is Yammer collaboration software and business applications.

Office Online

Office online helps in creating and editing Word, OneNote, PowerPoint and Excel documents from a Web browser.

Work Management

You can create new plans, organize a task to your team, assign work, share files, chat and get updates from the team regarding the progress using Planner.

Professional digital storytelling

Sway App from Office 365 can be used to perform this function. You can create engaging, fascinating and interactive web-based reports, presentations, etc., using your phone, tablet and web-browser, and more….

So, I hope that the explanation of the Office 365 enterprise could help you to select the right version for your company. If your organization need any help for setting up Office 365 tenant, You can always reach us to buy office 365!!

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