27 Sep 2023
Over the past thirty years, Microsoft SharePoint has played a crucial role in enabling virtual team collaboration and transforming modern workspaces. Its development platform has allowed for the creation of various line-of-business applications using low-code/no-code development paradigms. However, there has been a recent shift towards using the Microsoft Power... Read more

26 Sep 2023
Microsoft aims to empower and enable users with a wide range of products. Daily, countless organizations rely on Microsoft Office and Microsoft Cloud tools to achieve their goals. In 2016, Microsoft made a significant stride in this direction with the launch of the Power Platform. This platform enables users... Read more

21 Sep 2023
Microsoft announced the end of life for SharePoint 2013 workflows, affecting SharePoint Online users using the SharePoint 2013 workflows in their existing process automation. However, SharePoint 2013 workflows will still be supported for on-premises platforms until 2026. Organizations should plan for a smooth transition to Power Automate and evaluate... Read more

15 Sep 2023
Microsoft Teams Cloning has a feature that lets users create new Teams by cloning existing ones. This helps replicate “best practice” settings from one Team to another. When using, the permission settings set by the Team Owner and the channel, tab, and applications of the original Team are transferred.... Read more

07 Sep 2023
With Microsoft Power Pages, users can easily create professional websites with an intuitive workflow and a user-friendly design process. The app caters to low-code plans and skilled developers, allowing them to craft compelling and informative content. It is beneficial for creating help desk scenarios and partner portals, which enable... Read more

06 Sep 2023
The manufacturing industry faces the challenge of manually analyzing and interpreting vast volumes of data, leading to complex and time-consuming procedures that can significantly risk human error and affect the entire production process. To tackle these issues, businesses can leverage the Microsoft Power Platform, a comprehensive suite of tools... Read more

29 Aug 2023
One of the best methods to limit Microsoft Teams usage in the company is to let users form teams that suit their needs. However, if you don’t have any constraints or control over team formation, it can soon spiral out of control and overwhelm your tenant with unutilized teams.... Read more

25 Aug 2023
As organizations continue to grow and adapt, the need for tenant-to-tenant migrations becomes increasingly essential. A Microsoft 365 tenant-to-tenant migration is the process of moving workloads from one Microsoft 365 tenancy to another, which can involve the movement of one or many workloads and include some or all content,... Read more

31 Jul 2023
Data is the essence of business operations in the digital era of today. To obtain a competitive advantage, organizations must now extract relevant information from the web. Microsoft has simplified the web extraction process with Power Automate Desktop. Historically, web scraping required coding expertise. In this article, we will... Read more

27 Jul 2023
Efficiency is essential in the technologically advanced and fast-paced world of today. Finding ways to automate repetitive operations can help you save time and resources, whether you are a small business owner, project manager, or team leader. With the help of Power Automate, you can optimize procedures and automate... Read more