20 May 2022
  Power BI is one of the newest and most advanced analytics technology systems on the market. What makes it unique among other tools? What are the best ways for Tableau to Power BI migration and how to make the most of its advanced analytics? How can you assure... Read more

17 May 2022
  Veelead Solutions is a creative and competent IT services provider that assists businesses and individuals in meeting the global economy’s challenges. SuperbCompanies has recognized Veelead Solutions as one of the top Salesforce consulting companies, citing its extensive talent and ease of use in user interactions. About SuperbCompanies: SuperbCompanies... Read more

05 May 2022
  So, your company has decided to switch from Salesforce to Dynamics 365, but you’re not sure how to get started? We’re here to help. Why do companies want to migrate Salesforce to Dynamics 365? As with any data migration, gathering your existing data, sorting it into a format... Read more

03 May 2022
  Power Automate for desktop extends Microsoft Power Automate’s existing robotic process automation (RPA) features, allowing you to automate all repetitive desktop tasks. Utilizing the new and easy Power Automate desktop flow designer, you can automate faster and easier than ever before, using prebuilt drag-and-drop actions or recording your... Read more

10 Apr 2022
  Dynamics 365 Business Central is a cloud-based ERP system that provides small and medium-sized enterprises with powerful tools to help them run their operations more efficiently and economically. With cloud technologies, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central empowers users. It enables businesses to integrate Microsoft 365 with their business... Read more

04 Apr 2022
  Business intelligence refers to the procedures, methods, and technologies that are used to turn raw data from a variety of sources into valid and actionable insights that help businesses make better strategic and operational decisions. Data integration, data quality, data warehousing, master data management, content analytics, and data... Read more

17 Mar 2022
  Microsoft is making it easier for businesses to change the way their employees work. Dynamics Workflow and Power Automate have been a key components of its success in modernizing corporate processes throughout the productivity spectrum. In this piece, we will go through the primary distinctions between Microsoft Dynamics... Read more

11 Mar 2022
  Using an app designer tool, model-driven app design focuses on integrating components such as forms, views, charts, and dashboards into tables. Furthermore, relationships link tables together in a way that allows for easy access between them and prevents data from being duplicated. You can create simple or complicated... Read more

11 Mar 2022
  In most instances, a “Knowledge Base” isn’t a top priority for SharePoint users. SharePoint’s most obvious primary usage, on the other hand, is document management. SharePoint and its document libraries are used by a large number of businesses to upload, store, and collaborate on documents. SharePoint’s reputation as... Read more

01 Mar 2022
  Business processes are the blueprint for how an organization’s business activities should be carried out. To build consistent, unambiguous, and adaptive business processes, start by drawing a visual business process flow diagram to determine what happens to data as it flows from one activity to the next. What... Read more