Power Virtual Agents with Power Automate Better Together

Power Virtual Agents and Power Automate
07 Nov 2023

Veelead has successfully integrated the robust functionalities of both Power Virtual Agents and Power Automate, resulting in a highly effective solution. Power Virtual Agents is a platform for developing chatbots that can handle customer inquiries, provide support and automate tasks with intelligence. In contrast, Power Automate is a workflow tool that helps companies automate their processes and integrate their systems. These tools integrate to enhance workflows, streamline operations, and are customizable for your business needs.

What is Power Virtual Agents Service

Power Virtual Agents Service enables businesses to create and personalize chatbots quickly without requiring extensive coding knowledge. Power Virtual Agents Service by Veelead helps companies deliver exceptional customer service, provide product recommendations, and assist with troubleshooting. 

What is Power Automate Service

Veelead’s Power Automate Service is transforming the way businesses automate their processes. This service offers advanced features and seamless integration capabilities that empower organizations to streamline workflows and increase productivity. It is designed to simplify complex tasks with various modifiers to cater to specific business needs. Whether you need to automate repetitive tasks, integrate data across multiple platforms, or create custom workflows. Power Automate Service provides the flexibility and scalability required to optimize business operations.


Benefits of Integrating Power Virtual Agents with Power Automate

Integrating Power Virtual Agents with Power Automate provides numerous benefits improve business process efficiency and effectiveness.


Integrating Power Virtual Agents with Power Automate Process

It is based on chatbot conversations. Here’s how to do it:

Create a Power Automate Flow:

  • Open Power Automate and create a new flow.
  • Choose a trigger based on the desired condition, such as receiving a new message in Power Virtual Agents.

Connect Power Virtual Agents:

  • Add the “Power Virtual Agents” connector and authenticate with the necessary credentials.

Define Actions and Responses:

  • Define actions in Power Automate flow based on chatbot interactions.
  • Use control actions to respond appropriately to user input and context.

Utilize Power Automate Actions:

  • Power Automate provides a variety of actions to perform tasks and integrations based on chatbot interactions.
  • Examples include sending emails, creating database records, updating external systems, and triggering notifications on other platforms.

Test and Publish the Flow:

  • Test your Power Automate flow by saving and trying it out with Power Virtual Agents or through live user interactions.

Publish the Power Virtual Agents Bot:

  • Publish your integrated Power Virtual Agents bot to make it available for users, who can trigger the Power Automate flow based on defined conditions and responses.


To summarize, integrating Power Virtual Agents with Power Automate allows organizations to automate their processes, enhance user experience, and achieve greater efficiency and scalability in their chatbot capabilities. This integration dramatically benefits organizations, leveraging automation to improve customer service and operational efficiency.


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