How to Rename a File in SharePoint ?

07 May 2019


There are different options for renaming a file in SharePoint. We are going to see three important ways of renaming a file in SharePoint. We name a file depending on the content. As we modify the content, filename is renamed accordingly. We rename a file as a clue to identify the content in it.

01. Right – Click to Rename
02. Information Panel to Rename
03. Office Online to Rename

01. Right-Click to Rename:

Right-Click is one of easiest and commonly used options to rename a document.
• Right-click on the file which needs to be renamed and choose Rename option from the pop-up
• When the pop-up appears, type in the new name and click Save

SharePoint Documents Rename

02. Information Panel to Rename:

Document Information Panel in a modern document library is the second option that is used to rename a file.
• Select “i” icon and change the name of the file in the DIP (Document Information Panel)

Right click to rename

03. Office 365 Online to Rename:

One of the coolest options to rename a file is, using Office Online. You can modify the file name within Word, Excel or PowerPoint. This is possible only if the file is opened via Office Online (in the browser). You should click on the top bar, where the file name is displayed and then you can rename the file in the browser. You can change it via viola, “on the fly”. The interesting part is, you will not find OK or Save button. You have to rename the file directly in the browser, the name is automatically saved.

Office 365 Online to Rename

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