Top 5 Tips: How to Choose a SharePoint Consulting Company?

SharePoint Consulting Companies
19 Mar 2019

Organizations having trouble in managing SharePoint configuration management can be outsourced to 3rd Party SharePoint consultants or consulting enterprises. This has become common these days because the SharePoint platform is broad and complicated, so most smaller organizations required support from the 3rd Party. Choosing a perfect SharePoint consultant plays a major role, there are independent consultants and companies. Below you will get a solution for commonly asked questions.

1. Is the work is done by SharePoint Service Provider companies or SharePoint consultants pass it to subcontractors?

In the current scenario, the reality is the projects are not necessarily executed by the Microsoft SharePoint online consulting companies, the projects may be contracted and subcontracted. Coding and development projects need not worry about the above but it is important to note if you want an individual/personality to interact with the end-users directly.

2. What are the Payment structure used by SharePoint Consulting companies?

An hourly fee is commonly followed by a SharePoint consultant, it is very fascinating but smaller organizations and non-profit businesses might get affected. It completely depends on SharePoint development with the SharePoint framework and consulting regarding the charge, based on that make sure your projects are delivered at the right time.

3. How expert are SharePoint consultants?

SharePoint is very broad and complicated, so the fact is that one cannot be an expert in everything. Each consultant will be specialized in a certain area. Some of the information architecture and some in SharePoint branding modern sites. There are consultants who are specialized in SharePoint workflow and in interfaces to other systems. In the end, it very hard to find someone who is specialized in all the above.

4. Do the consultants, have experience with SharePoint implementation features, such as SharePoint User Adoption and Governance?

It is a must to understand and know that your consultant is experienced in increase SharePoint user Adoption and SharePoint Governance model. If they are not experienced in user adoption and governance, the implementation fails. I would always suggest you configure it and make it operate according to the organization’s requirements. It will be used by many employees for different tasks. This where user adoption and Governance come in place.

5. How your SharePoint consultants are using project implementation methodology?

SharePoint should be developed step by step based on your organization’s requirements. From a change management view, the Microsoft SharePoint Implementation project plan is a consequential change for an enterprise. It is better to choose a consultant having experience with modern SharePoint Project Management methodologies such as Waterfall and Agile. To experience an outstanding user adoption of new technology, try implementing a SharePoint site step by step.

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