Top 9 key features of SharePoint Framework (SPFX)

SharePoint framework features
15 May 2020

Introduction to SharePoint Framework (SPFX)

The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a page and web part model that enables client-side development, supports open source tooling, build SharePoint experiences. Provides quick integration with the SharePoint data. SPFX can create custom responsive apps and are mobile friendly also you can use tools and advanced modern web technologies to build productive experiences in the preferred development SharePoint Framework environment setup.

SharePoint Framework Extension

With SPFX extension you can customize more features such as toolbars, list data and views, notification areas. This extends the user experience within modern pages and document libraries. SharePoint Framework has new 3 types of extensions.

1. Application Customizers
2. Command Sets
3. Field Customizers

9 Key benefits of SharePoint Framework Development

1. Performance is reliable

2. End users are allowed to use SharePoint Framework

3. Build SharePoint web parts with latest SPFX development can enabled on both Modern and classic SharePoint Pages

4. Embedding the JavaScript directly onto the page helps to perform high page speed also there is no iFrames used during customization.

5. Supports Graph API, Teams with personal Tab and also supports 3rd party API’s with AAD security

6. SPFX web part pages supports both SharePoint on-premise and SharePoint online versions

7. Controls are highly responsive.

8. Advanced client side frameworks like JavaScript, JQuery, Angular, ReactJS, Handlebars, knockout are fully supported

9. Set of programming tools is based on the common open source customer development tools like npm, yeoman, gulp, TypeScript and webpack.

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