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25 Apr 2019

Skype for Business is united with Office 365 business essentials. Download Skype for Business app, has advanced features such as Instant Messaging (IMs). Video Calls, Voice Calls and Online meetings available with Microsoft office 365 developed by Microsoft corporation. When security is considered, you have enterprise security, call encryption and authentication.

Skype Vs Skype for Business


Skype for Business

1Number of users supportedSkype meetings supports 25 participants maximum

Skype for business meetings supports 250 participants maximum

2Integration of AppsOneDrive is now integrated for file office document, PDF for sharing

Compatible with Office 365 apps according to the plans chosen


Device Compatibilitycompatible with Windows and Mac OS and with various external devices and apps

Supports Windows and Mac OS and with various external devices and apps


BusinessSupports small business with limited facilities free audio and video calls and instant messaging

Ideal for large scale business supports large online meetings, host other things, calendar integration


VersionFree version buy credit available for landline and mobile calls

Only paid version


SecurityCommunication protected with AES and TLS encryption

Communication protected with AES and TLS encryption also admin can able to deny or allow users to leverage certain features to protect their business interest

Below are the 12 Skype for Business Online features:

1. Conducts Meetings

If you need to setup a meeting, Skype for Business allows you to conduct audio, video and web conferencing meetings. It also gives an option of setting up a meeting in advance. 250 people can join the meeting with their individual devices.

Schedule a meeting from Outlook

Scheduling a meeting with Outlook is very easy and made by a single click. The sender can add the subject and choose the participants, by doing this the participants can easily attend the meetings.
Schedule a Meeting through Web Scheduler

Scheduling meetings through Web scheduler allows you to schedule a wide range of meetings and it allows you to do below:

  • Provides an overview of upcoming meetings.
  • Helps you in viewing and adjusting the details for a specified meeting.
  • It will delete an upcoming meeting.
  • Sends an invitation to participants to join a meeting.
  • Helps the participants in joining an upcoming meeting.

Joining a meeting in a Single-Touch

If a call is scheduled in advance, participants can join from their calendar meeting reminders.
Multi-Party HD Video
This is one of the advanced features, which allows you to connect with 6 people through video call with a resolution of 1080p.

Content Sharing

Skype for Business allows you to attend meetings by sharing your desktop screens, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint presentations.

2. Controlling Multiple Presenters

Skype for Business gives you many number of meeting controls as mentioned below:
The option of muting all or individual attendees

  • Hide the names behind display pictures
  • Option of blocking any person’s video
  • Invite other people
  • Customize permissions which permits the presenters to act as participants

3. Customized Participant looks

Skype for Business gives few features to both the host and the attendees of a particular meeting. The Participants can join a Skype for Business meeting from a phone through dial–in conferencing and can select what they want to view:

  • Gallery
  • Speaker
  • Presentation
  • Compact

4. PowerPoint Presentations

If the present need to display PowerPoint presentation, Skype for Business login has the option for doing this with high-resolution displays. Participants can also view the presentations on any mobile devices.

5. Web Conferencing Tools

Skype for Business offers you with various web conferencing tools such as virtual whiteboard and annotations. If you want to present your presentation with text, ink, drawings and images, you can use whiteboard, you can view annotations, which is on whiteboard to get more ideas, and discuss the content and come up with brainstorm solutions.

6. Broadcasting

Skype Meeting Broadcast allows you to broadcast content around 10,000 participants and it perfectly suits you for conducting webinars. This tool grants you to post recorded video meetings to Office 365 business Video. You can watch it live or post broadcast on Microsoft Azure.
Conversation can be held between audience members through Yammer. Include external URLs to the broadcast.

7. Polling

This feature helps you to associate between the participants and the presenter by setting a poll. Polling feature is mainly used to make a decision and getting to know our participants view. You make it confidential, the presenter can hide poll results.

8. Record and Playback

This feature allows the presenters and organizers to record different aspects of meetings, like audio, video, IMs, handouts, sharing sessions, whiteboards. You can even select the resolution for recording.

9. Meeting Lobby

Meeting Lobby is used during confidential and sensitive information shared in the meeting. It gives an option of choosing the participants.

10. Meeting Content Retention

Skype for Business users can upload a large number of content for their business meetings in the form of Excel files, PowerPoint presentations, notes.

11. Authentication

Skype for Business does not require authentication. Participants can join the meeting with a guest account, it does not require mandatory authentication.

12. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) Conferencing

As mentioned earlier, any participants can join the meeting by phone with Microsoft PSTN conferencing solution. This is a major advantage of using it when there is no internet connection.

Local Dial-In Numbers

  • You setup a Skype meeting using dial-in number by which the participants can easily join the meeting.
  • Easy Dial-In Conferencing
  • You can even use the participant’s phone number to join the meeting.

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