30 Apr 2024

How Does Microsoft Power Platform Help in Digital Transformation?

cessToday, modernization through digital tools is essential for businesses. It is more efficient, increases career growth, and encourages new ideas across industries. Microsoft Power Platform has become a sought-after tool as it delivers business models that enable organizations to tailor their solutions, automate operations, and better analyze data We explain... Read more

03 Mar 2023

What is Included in Microsoft Power Platform Licensing?

  Microsoft Power Platform is a tool that simplifies the app development process and makes it fast and less time-consuming. It’s a no-code or less-code tool that helps process automation and data analysis.  With Power Platform licensing, businesses grab opportunities to automate their work process, develop standalone apps; create... Read more

09 Sep 2022

Microsoft Power BI for Healthcare Industry | Benefits of Implementation

  All throughout the world, healthcare systems are undergoing change. Healthcare organizations struggle with reducing costs, effectively managing human resources, and modernizing and simplifying internal processes in addition to their constant efforts to improve patient care. The strain on healthcare systems is anticipated to increase, particularly in light of... Read more

06 Sep 2022

How does Microsoft Power BI Empower Your Insurance Industry?

  Emerging megatrends in this rapidly evolving world that are being impacted by numerous global concerns present the insurance sector with difficult challenges. In the context of business intelligence for the insurance industry, insurers must confront numerous global concerns head-on. Successful insurers will be those that communicate openly and... Read more

01 Aug 2022

How to Use Power BI in Microsoft Teams? Benefits of Integration

  Using Microsoft Office 365 comes with a number of advantages. It is vital, in order to achieve higher levels of productivity, to have all of the necessary digital tools set up so that jobs can be streamlined and automated. When it comes to displaying your data utilizing metrics... Read more

18 Jul 2022

OLAP and Power BI Integration | Is It a Good Idea?

  Data analysis is more efficient with OLAP systems than with relational databases like MySQL or DB2. Furthermore, effective data analysis can assist businesses in identifying cost-cutting opportunities as well as other aspects that contribute to operational efficiency. With the growing importance of data, more businesses are combining OLAP... Read more

28 Jun 2022

Comparing the Differences Between Microsoft SSAS,SSIS and SSRS

  Microsoft complements its relational database engine, SQL Server, with several add-on services that manage different aspects of enterprise business intelligence and information processing such as data integration, reporting and analysis. While SQL Server can work without these services, they add value by boosting SQL Server’s ability to serve... Read more

08 Jun 2022

What is the Difference Between MSBI and Power BI? Features and Benefits

  Business intelligence will continue to be one of the most in-demand fields of the decade as long as there is a significant demand for data transformation. The better the tools, the more intelligence we can extract from them. The two most popular Business Intelligence solutions available today are... Read more

20 May 2022

Tableau to Power BI Migration | Best Practices and Things to Consider

  Power BI is one of the newest and most advanced analytics technology systems on the market. What makes it unique among other tools? What are the best ways for Tableau to Power BI migration and how to make the most of its advanced analytics? How can you assure... Read more

04 Apr 2022

How to Outsource Power BI Development Without Losing Time and Money?

  Business intelligence refers to the procedures, methods, and technologies that are used to turn raw data from a variety of sources into valid and actionable insights that help businesses make better strategic and operational decisions. Data integration, data quality, data warehousing, master data management, content analytics, and data... Read more