06 Jul 2020

How to Protect Your Sensitive Data with Information Rights Management on Microsoft 365?

Data protection and security have become matters of paramount importance, especially since it has become extremely difficult in this modern-day of technologies with rising cyber crimes. However, one of the important features of Microsoft 365 Information Rights Management allows us to protect sensitive files from unauthorized access. IRM, available... Read more

08 Apr 2020

How to Secure Your Microsoft Office 365 Business Plans?

If your organization using one of Microsoft’s office 365 business plans and you are worried about criminals and hackers, Follow the top 5 guidance of this blog to increase the protection of your organization. 1. Check the status of the Office 365 Secure Score The first step to protect... Read more

09 Jan 2019

How to Persuade Your Boss About SharePoint and Office 365 to Improve Productivity?

You are bound to face resistance to change where you least expect it.  You may have come across a solution that will solve problems that affect your workflows, but you may find it difficult to convince your boss about it. Certain solutions may need no introduction about its effectiveness,... Read more