How to Check Microsoft SharePoint Usage Reports? Top 6 Methods

23 Apr 2020

You always wanted to know, the usage of the site, like how many people visited your SharePoint sites and what they have viewed or edited. We have a few options to analyze or view your SharePoint usage.

Method 1: Site Contents Page

The site contents page helps you in analyzing the activity of any given site. A new feature has been added such as add web parts and creates subsites. To experiment with this, you should click Gear Icon > Site Contents, and select Site usage link.

SharePoint Site contents

Now you will see all sorts of cool metrics about a site, such as the number of recent site visits, number of new items added and trending content (most popular content). You can also access the information of documents and folders shared externally.

SharePoint Site Visits

SharePoint External Users

Method 2: Site activity web part on the Modern page

It is similar to the Site Content page and introduced recently. You can access only with modern pages. Site Activity is a new SharePoint web part, which you can check, on a modern page.

SharePoint site web part

You can view recently updated content, which shows the document, task, calendar event, OneNote, etc. It also displays content in chronological order. You should be clear that web parts are available only on modern web pages and not on classic Wiki pages.

SharePoint develoment web page

Method 3: Site collection Audit Log reports

This option is available only in On-Premises, due to which it not recommended widely. This feature can track the activity on the whole site collection.
Steps to be followed to access Site Collection Audit Logs
1. Navigate to Site Settings, then select Site collection audit settings.

Site collection

2. Unselect all the boxes except the data you want to collect, then clickOK
3. Select Audit log report
4. Before moving forward, you have to save the report. To do that, select any report above and specify the document library where you want to save it.
5. You will get a confirmation message, post that select Click here to view the report link
6. You will be redirected to a document library where you are saving the reports.
7. Select the corresponding report to view it

Method 4: Office 365 Admin Center

This option is used through SharePoint usage via Office 365 Admin Center.

To access this option, you have to follow the below steps

1. Select Admin Tile from Office 365 App Launcher
2. On your right side of the homepage, you will see a graph in the lower-right-hand corner
3. You will find a default graph showing you the number of active users by Office 365 apps within a certain date range SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, Skype, Yammer)
4. Now select Active Users header you will find a great-looking dashboard and chart with lots of statistics for various applications, not only for SharePoint (The other way to get to this option is, by navigating to Reports > Usage in Office 365 Admin Center)

Method 5: Office 365 Audit Log Reports

Search and Compliance Center is a part of Office 365 and it is called the mother of all reports. The specialty of this report is, every single action of every user is noted. The notification comes along with the time stamp and IP address.

Method 6: Power BI Office 365 Adoption Pack

You can analyze or view the usage reports using Power BI. You follow the below steps to access:

1. You have to enable Office 365 Adoption Pack. Move to Usage Reports main screen in Office 365 Admin Center (Reports > Usage). Below Office 365 Adoption, select Get Started
2. A pop up appears, select On button and click Save
3. You will find a message on the screen. To get enabled, it takes 48 hours
4. Now Office 365 Adoption pack is ready. A tenant ID is generated and you will use in Power BI. Save it
5. Now, navigate to Power BI, select Get Data and then Get under Services
6. Below Apps, scroll down and select Office 365 Adoption application. Select Get it now.
7. On the next screen, complete the install by clicking GET IT NOW
8. On the next screen, it will ask you to connect to a Tenant ID. Paste the ID from Step 4 and select NEXT
9. You will find a dashboard appearing on your list!
10. You are almost done, now select Office 365 Adoption Preview and you will find colorful charts with all the data coming from Office 365
11. Since all the activities are generated from the whole Office 365 environment, but if you would like to check SharePoint Usage, select the SharePoint logo and you will find only SharePoint information.

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