What are the Types of Portals in Dynamics 365 and How to Use It?

Types of Portals in Dynamics 365
16 Jul 2021


Dynamics 365 Portals, now commonly known as Power Apps Portals, are websites that act as extended functionality for your Dynamics 365 solutions. Dynamics 365 has various types of portals. Each portal has its purpose. The portal that you require, will depend on the use case you have for the same. And once you have identified the use case you can then choose the portal that addresses your exact pain points. 

In the below article, you can find the breakdown of the different types of portals in Dynamics 365 and several examples to help you make the right decision:

What are Dynamic 365 Portals? 

A Dynamics 365 portal gives your customers access to an online location to communicate and collaborate. Depending on the audience that the portal is catering to, a Dynamics 365 portal can enable people to search knowledge databases, get support for issues, suggest new ideas, and collaborate with communities to learn more about products and services. 

Types of Portals in Dynamics 365:

  1. Customer Self-Service Portal 
  2. Employee Self-Service Portal
  3. Community Portal 
  4. Partner Portal

Customer Self-Service Portal 

Customer Self-Service Portal is a streamlined knowledge center that helps when your customers are unable to reach the support staff. With the Customer Self-Service Portal, you can assist your customers even while you are not at your desk. While a web store is active 24/7, you can ensure customer support is also available for customers 24/7.

Customer Self-Service Portal ensures customer satisfaction by providing a problem-solving solution without the interference of your employees. The portal comes with forums that give customers a platform to discuss their problems and find solutions, also encourages community building – where customers can have polls, give ratings and comments. 

Employee Self-Service Portal

Employee Self-Service Portal is a space that can be accessed by the internal team to manage their tasks, share knowledge, and interact with the CRM team. Employee Self-Service Portal is also a forum that encourages employees to build their community where they can give feedback and access FAQ answers.

HR for Dynamic is one such efficient employee self-service portal that simplifies tasks for everyone. This portal allows employees to efficiently manage their interaction with the HR department regarding travel expenses, leave applications, change their personal information like bank details or contact details, and any other queries with ease. 

The portal also makes it convenient for the managers, as it gives them the liberty to perform their tasks efficiently. They can make a more accurate and informed analysis of their team’s performance as they have access to each members’ leave details, deadlines, salary, certification details, etc. 

Community Portal 

Community portals of a company invite discussions and are essentially like virtual communities. A community portal is a space for blogs and articles, and facilitates polls, ratings and provides a forum for comments and feedback. So, a Community Portal is where customers indirectly promote a brand as they are the unofficial ambassadors for the brand.

Partner Portal

Partner Portal enables your partners to have a smooth and meaningful transition into your organization. Your partners can access all the relevant information they require such as order details, payment history, and invoices with ease. 

With Partner Portal, partners have account management access to their contract information and can update relevant information when necessary. They also get an in-depth insight into deals and opportunity tracking, and lead distribution – which in turn can be used as feedback to improve operations when necessary. And the Multi-Partner collaboration enables several partners to work together on an opportunity. 

How do Veelead Solutions come to play?

As you are aware there are several Dynamics 365 portals to choose from, and depending on the use cases and business requirements Veeleads solutions help you pick the right portal for your organization. 

Veelead Solutions offer distinct types of feature-rich Dynamics 365 portals for various industries like – education, nonprofit, insurance, real estate, finance, and so on. In addition, we also provide portal development services for various use cases and users like partners, vendors, affiliates, customers, etc. Our process is simple, transparent and our team is here to gather all required information. We at Veelead Solutions can help you figure out the right portal that satisfies your business requirements. 

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