What is Automated Reporting? Benefits of Automating Power BI Reports

Automated Reporting
17 Jan 2022


Microsoft Power BI is the perfect tool for all of your business intelligence needs. Power BI tools can aid your business analysts, irrespective of the size of your organization. Get rid of your time-consuming Excel spreadsheets and embrace the power of Power BI data analysis instead. With Power BI’s powerful visualization tools, you’ll be more effective in your decision-making.

What Is Automated Reporting?

Reporting automation is the process of delivering reports that cover key business information at predetermined intervals so that users don’t have to waste time looking for it. Automated reporting can generate a variety of business reports based on the needs of the user. Enterprise-level BI and reporting technologies offer a variety of options for planning, initiating, and disseminating reports. A planned report, for example, could be sent out once a week, on Wednesday at 10 a.m. every week. They can also be generated in response to a specific occurrence.

Benefits of an automated report?

1. Automated reports can be integrated seamlessly with all your applications.

2. Comes with personalized dashboards.

3. You can publish reports securely.

4. Your team does not require technical skills to access it.

Easy Reporting 

Power BI makes it simple to connect to various data sources and integrate them. You may develop and send essential reports to your colleagues and customers using Power BI. Using Power BI capabilities, you can also develop data dashboards for monitoring metrics and KPIs. These dashboards can help a huge corporation keep everyone on the same page when it comes to financial goals.

Communication Improvements

You can allow data to flow upstream, downward, or sideways using an effective core reporting system, ensuring that it reaches the intended recipient promptly. Automated reporting approaches also make it possible to provide reports to individual shareholders regularly via email.

Increased Improvements

Administrations must be flexible enough to respond quickly to industry fluctuations and opportunities, using real-time data to maintain efficiency in today’s ultra-competitive environment. To stand out in the industry, a lot of focus has been placed on catering to the specific demands of particular customer groups. To achieve these goals, businesses require an inventory and financial reporting system that supports this notion and provides timely information to organizations.

Better Productivity

The entire correctness of administrative planning, accounting, and forecasting is primarily dependent on the precision and breadth of data available when making such decisions, as well as a production’s ability to extract precise analytics. Significant judgments will be made with the proper and precise decision-making gears if a reporting system is in place that provides both appropriate and exact information.

Improved Timelines

Once the data has been compiled, the challenge of how to deliver it to business owners and decision-makers thoughtfully and understandably arises. Managers require data to be presented practically so that they can analyze it quickly and easily. That’s why a variety of businesses resort to inventory and accounting software that includes some excellent report templates, analytics capabilities, and the ability to make rapid reports that are unmistakably unique to their firm.

How can you upsurge productivity using automated reports?

Automation will displace a large number of workers, thereby widening the gap in services and jobs that existed previously between high- and low-skilled workers. Our analysis of mechanization potential also suggests that many jobs could be partially automated before being fully mechanized, with different outcomes for high- and low-skill employees. This approach, in particular, could lower salaries for low-skill workers unless demand increases.

Automation also presents a huge opportunity to boost global economic growth. Estimates imply that it has a hidden contribution evocatively to the evolution required to fulfill each country’s per capita GDP goals, at a time when changing demographics cast doubt on those goals. For this development to occur, instead of having a large labor surplus, everyone must continue to work alongside the automatons.

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Schedule Reporting with Power Automate

Management can automate reports and plan alerts using BI tools and progressive reporting systems. This process is also made easier by the usage of a user-friendly interface. The code-free organizational UI allows both tech-savvy and novice users to easily construct report templates, tenant consents, and record connections.

The implementation of a self-service analytics platform simplifies the reporting process for users. Ad hoc commercial reports can be created on the spot to respond to specific business questions and aids in better decision-making. You can also provide your users with interactive real-time dashboards with visuals to help them make better decisions about their day-to-day operations.

It’s never been easier to stay up to speed on crucial reports for the company. If you subscribe to report sheets that are important to you, Power BI will send you an image in your mailbox. All you have to do now is tell Power BI how often you want to receive emails. It can be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, depending on how often the material is updated. In fact, you may schedule Power BI to interact at a specific time. So, in summary, you can create up to 24 different subscribers per report.

The language in the Power BI settings will be customized in the email and picture. If no language has been set as the default, Power BI will use English.

How to set up automated reporting in Microsoft Power BI?

Power BI Robots, a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution, was recently released. It allows users to plan and send Power BI reports to anybody, at any time and from any location.

Go to the online representative and click Create on the Playlist option after installing the Power BI Robots desktop representative. A playlist is a grouping of Power BI reports or dashboards that may be shared anywhere, usually via email.

Next, on the General Tab, you should: 

  • name the playlist appropriately.
  • select the screenshot output format correctly such as PDF or image.
  • set the right screen size.
  • set the screen-captures repetition 
  • select Email on the Send to bar;

1. If you wish to send emails to a large number of people on a regular basis, the Token function is quite useful. Snap the pound sign from the menu to activate it. By selecting a token from the list, you agree that these areas will be updated on a regular basis.

2. Continue to the Recipients page to add the email addresses to whom your Power BI reports should be sent. You have the option of adding as many accounts as you desire.

3. After you’ve finished selecting your recipients, tap “next” to go on to the Visuals tab. When you click Add Power BI account, a screen displaying your Power BI workstations will appear.

4. After that, you’ll tick the boxes next to the report pages and dissimilar tiles you wish to send. If you want to smear individual strainers to your reports, go to the last tab. This is very useful if you want to transmit different data to different people from the same Power BI report. Finally, click Create to finish creating your playlist.

5. Finally, on the General tab of the Power BI Robots desktop interface, click Synchronize.

Report automation can save your company a lot of time and money. It assists in setting you on the path to becoming a data-driven organization. You may go from automated reporting to automated insights as part of a Business Intelligence platform, allowing each operator to identify the hidden biases and crucial perceptions inside their data. One of the most efficient company procedures is saving time and money.

It is, however, still difficult to achieve, yet automated reports save time, effort, resources, and money. Expenses are reduced without compromising the quality of operations. As a recognized Microsoft Partner, Veelead is regularly recognized for implementing cutting-edge design and functionality into all of our customer engagements. Our team of experts will help you implement automated Power BI reporting that can help in better decision-making.

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