What Makes SharePoint Intranet a Good Choice for Your Organization?

SharePoint Intranet
27 Sep 2021


Maintaining communication and information flow between employees is highly necessary, but how do we achieve effective communication among the team members in an organization? This is where intranet comes into play, it is software that secures a connection between all the available systems of the company’s computers. Intranet is similar to the internet however, the difference is that it establishes connecting within your organization instead of the entire world.

Workplaces are changing rapidly we are living in a time of innovations – where everything happens online. In a modern workplace, employees communicate through systems and the intranet creates these channels for collaboration to happen. 

The important is how do we choose the right intranet software for our business? Well, the answer to that question is very simple according to a lot of research Microsoft SharePoint is the right choice. Organizations need real-time interactions and collaborations and SharePoint with its distinct features and reputation is the right fit to get the job done. SharePoint intranet development is one of the most efficient ways to go about your office intranet software requirements.

In the below article we will talk about what Microsoft SharePoint intranet is and why organizations need it. We will also discuss the top five reasons why managers and executives choose it for their enterprises.

What is SharePoint Intranet?

SharePoint was introduced by Microsoft by DMS (Document Management System) However, it has evolved as a one-stop hub for everything concerning – communication and collaboration for companies. If you are looking to create seamless communication amongst your team, then, a component intranet is a prerequisite. And this is regardless of the size of your enterprise.

SharePoint intranets use artificial intelligence (AI) to ease workforce experience and engagement; therefore it improves your company’s collaborative practices. A digital workplace in need of connectivity, collaboration, information sharing, etc. requires a digital solution to meet such demands and Microsoft SharePoint intranet is that solution.

The markets offer several competent intranet solutions such as Staffbase, Workplace, Blink, and making a decision to select the right software for your business can be a difficult task. So, why should you choose the SharePoint intranet? What makes SharePoint stand out among others? Let’s go over the benefits of this technology and the reasons why most enterprises find SharePoint to be the most reliable intranet solution.

Key Benefits of SharePoint Intranet

While there are several benefits to using SharePoint Intranet, here is a list of a few key benefits:

  • Microsoft SharePoint comes with a great user experience and offers multiple and diverse tools and options to create efficient intranet sites for your business. MS SharePoint not only looks good on any screen or device with this technology, but it also allows users to create high-functioning intranet pages without complex codes or customizations.
  • SharePoint offers innovative features that include: employee engagement, project management, document management, enhanced security, real-time collaboration, etc. These features help boost productivity, team effort, and overall business success.
  • In addition, the SharePoint intranet is cost-effective and if you have subscribed to MS Office 365 suite, you can initiate immediately. This also means that you do not have to spend money unnecessarily on complicated and personalized intranet solutions as you have access to SharePoint automatically with MS Office 365.

Here are some Reasons Why SharePoint is a Reliable Choice

Before we jump into why SharePoint intranet development is the right choice we need to clarify two things: Every business has intranet needs that are unique to them. Size and nature of the workforce, budgets, are important factors that play a key role in making an informed decision. Second, although there are many different intranet software available in the marketplace currently SharePoint is easily viewed as one of the most dependable due to its exceptional features and exceptional user experience.

  1. Integration with MS Office 365: As SharePoint is a part of Microsoft it is safe to assume that it possesses excellent integration and connectivity with the MS Office 365 suite and its diverse tools. Additional its integration features also include connectivity to Yammer as a part of social networking, features like editing and sharing Microsoft Word documents and OneDrive documents, etc.
  2. Customization, Flexibility, and scalability: SharePoint provides features like – high flexibility, scalability, and customizability, regardless of the size of the workforce in any business. In addition, SharePoint also offers bespoke features such as a solid internal network, search and findability, real-time sharing, etc. and it helps promote effective communication and collaboration. SharePoint is capable enough to adjust well to any restructuring whenever companies are prone to resizing – offering options to tailor the software accordingly.
  3. Social Features:  SharePoint is also very popular also because it is fun to work with and offers features like profile creation, declaring interests, details of work, colleagues, etc. Previously, SharePoint was only open for access within an organization. However, now, the software also provides communication outside the organization, improving workflow in a big way. 
  4. Automation Functionality: SharePoint provides impeccable information and record management. SharePoint operates with an automated system, ensuring a time-intensive, simple, and incredibly effective record management system. In addition, all files can be modified or deleted after a defined time, they have an expiry date that gives you the choice to discard or relocate them and help manage an information clutter. 
  5. Elite Document Management: SharePoint also comes with a document management system which is one of the prominent features of SharePoint. The smooth integration of SharePoint libraries allows you to store, access, collect and distribute documents in a seamless manner. SharePoint also has salient options like document recycle feature, editing and co-authoring. Eventually, with SharePoint, you also get a centralized document management system where everything and everyone gets documents in one location.

As you now know, the SharePoint intranet has comprehensive features that fit every organization’s unique requirements, and this is precisely why enterprises prefer SharePoint over other intranet solutions. Regardless of the size or type of your business, SharePoint extends solutions for everybody. Furthermore, the future of SharePoint Intranet is looking bright as Microsoft consistently investing heavily in SharePoint.

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