Data Migration From SharePoint 2010 To Office 365 For A Public Food Company

Data Migration SharePoint
06 Jan 2021


The client is a global leader in the world food industry and is committed to providing innovative, natural, and sustainable nutritious food solutions to consumers and the global industry. The company  is a trusted partner to the world’s leading food, pharmaceuticals and beverage companies.


The client wanted to move their operations from SharePoint Server 2010 to Office 365 to manage operations on the cloud. The request was to migrate their data, including documents, files and metadata,  from their internal server to the cloud with the same security groups and permission models in place for their new Office 365 solution.


In order to make the migration seamless and thorough during the transfer, we first created a system that enabled them to change and upload new content to the cloud intranet portal on SharePoint Online. After that, we started by implementing a complex and high-end cloud solution on Office 365 SharePoint Online with features developed for their unique operations. 

The project was implemented in two stages with the first one being the verification of the customer’s existing portal, environment and configuration analysis to create a migration plan. The second stage was the migration and configuration of the security settings to ensure compliance. The site was then tested and verified for complete data integrity.  

In order to complete the migration in less than 15 days, we made use of the Sharegate migration tool to create multiple pivot migrations to test the integrity of the data before and after the transfer. Our expertise in data migration allowed us to conceive of a method that is simple, fast and reliable enough to ensure that the data, multimedia content, metadata, permissions and security groups were migrated to Office 365 without a lapse. 


The solution was deployed on the customer’s Office 365 account without any downtime or interruptions to their regular operations. The data integrity was completely preserved along with the security groups and permissions model. After the migration was completed successfully, the customer is still able to make the most of the cloud’s features like remote working, security and flexibility. 

Technologies Used

Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online, Sharegate Migration Tool, PowerShell, OOB Customizations