Data Migration From SharePoint 2013 To SharePoint 2016 For US-Based Apparel Manufacturers

Data Migration
06 Jan 2021


Our customer is a famous French retail brand founded in the year 1933, and the brand is globally recognized by its crocodile symbol. The brand is known for its exceptional quality and sells clothing, footwear, sportswear, eyewear, perfumes and various other items for men, women and kids.

The Goal

The company was using an older version of SharePoint, the 2013 edition, which had effectively supported the organization’s collaborations and workflow management systems on a daily basis. However, with the release of SharePoint 2016, the company wanted to capitalize on superior features like improved data security, mobile-usage and an overall improvement in performance.

Our Approach

The scale of operations of the company and its vast dependence on SharePoint 2013 called for a complex migration plan to ensure that operations remained uninterrupted. This is where our expertise in SharePoint migration came to the table to deliver an efficient migrating system. We started by analyzing their current intranet usage including their SharePoint farm and content databases. 

We arrived at a migration plan as well as additional configuration settings that were required exclusively for their business requirements.  Once an action plan had been designed, we created a backup of all their databases to ensure their safety exported the solutions using PowerShell. We also migrated the solutions they built for their customers with SharePoint Designer 2013. 

The migration plan started with an active phase that flowed into several other stages for a linear migration that would not get in the way of the company’s daily operations. The phases were first extended to marketing and sales to ensure seamless connectivity to their customers’ websites. Then the homepage of the intranet was migrated to keep the functionality and design consistent. 

Finally, our SharePoint developers worked in tandem with their SharePoint administrators to migrate, activate, configure and adjust the authentication issues with their MySites. The process was complete once we integrated their intranet system with their CRM and Corporate Project Management System. 


As a result of adeptly migrating their systems to the superior SharePoint 2016, the company has reported an overall improvement in performance and, more importantly, a dramatic improvement in their page response time. With these upgrades, they can effortlessly work with large files in an environment that supports collaboration like no other. However, the biggest advantage is that they are now able to access the intranet on mobile devices with zero lags and latency. 

The improved data security features and loss prevention mechanisms ensure that sensitive information is safe for the SharePoint administrators and they can exclusively control the data’s exchange.

Technologies Used

SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013, MS SQL Server 2014, Windows PowerShell, REST, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SharePoint Designer 2013.