Document Management Solution For A US-Based Arms Manufacturer

Document Management
06 Jan 2021


Our client is a major arms manufacturer in the United States catering to the demands for handguns, shotguns, rifles and other firearms. With their legacy spanning several decades, they have risen to become one of the most sought-after brands for firearms. 

The goal

The customer was using outdated legacy systems that still relied on unsupported software to manage their ISO documents. They were working on HTML-based sites that hindered critical document handling capabilities due to low performance and usability issues. They realized that, in order to deliver a better brand-experience to their users, they had to move to a high-end system to manage document lifecycle, version control and approval and generally improve their operational efficiency.


Once they came to us with their issues with their legacy systems, we suggested Microsoft SharePoint to deliver a more flexible, fast and user-friendly document management system. The new portal for ISO document management was designed to perfection using Microsoft Office 365 with utmost emphasis on compliance and security. 

We created a matrix that effectively mapped employees to their authorization and created user rights based on their access level and workflows. We then migrated their documents from their legacy HTML systems to SharePoint.

We created a powerful, automated system that allows them to route the ISO documents between submission review and approval. We integrated approval requests to their emails (Exchange and Outlook) to ensure a minimally invasive experience for their admins. By syncing their emails to the document management portal, we have created a system that seamlessly communicates with the database to update the status of a document as it is being processed. 

The Power Automate used for their workflow automation tags and tracks the documents through their approval and also takes care of publishing for the viewership of their end-users. 


The document management system that we created was not only an effective solution that helped them serve their customers better, but it was also designed to reflect the brand’s identity. We enhanced the system with a smart enterprise document management policy to improve employee productivity and document processing. 

Technologies Used

Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Modern Portal, SPFX web parts, Power automate, React JS and Office UI Fabric