Modern Document Management System and Approval Automation

Document Modern Management System and Approval Automation
15 Feb 2023


The client is one of the most prominent apparel groups that provide a variety of clothing lines to well-known retailers throughout the country. The company’s broad product selection focuses on insulated blankets, aprons, coveralls, jackets, pants, and vests. With more than 700+ devoted and passionate employees, it is one of the most competent and experienced apparel production enterprises in the United States.


Employees maintained documents in various platforms, such as network file shares, email, OneDrive and a legacy records management system. Since there was no centralized system or global search, employees needed help locating information and documents. The client’s other main worry was document duplication, and the management group was also concerned about security and the potential loss of records.


The customer needed a unified modern document management system and quick document approval process since they wanted to streamline the company’s document-driven business processes. They approached Veelead since we have good experience and low-code tooling to help them eliminate the manual document approval process. Additionally, they aimed to secure the authenticity and security of the authorized documents.


Veelead recommended implementing the modern document management system using SharePoint online since our client already has Microsoft 365 subscription. Veelead built a collaborative document management system based on SharePoint to manage and store documents in a centralized directory. Microsoft Office Online enables collaborative editing of these documents by authorized users. The system creates versions of the content and records user edits by timestamping the changes.

We created distinct sharepoint content types for every department. When a user uploads a document to the libraries and updates the document metadata, it becomes immediately accessible to employees working in that department and location, according to their user permissions. We formed numerous user groups to limit access, such as the uploader, approver, and view-only groups. We utilized SharePoint user permission settings to manage different access permissions levels and different versions of the same document appropriately. The system allows the approver to make the most recent version public. We have implemented an advanced centralized search across the document repositories, and the search result will display the documents based on user role.

SharePoint helped us to tag documents with specific keywords and metadata, which makes documents more searchable.

Multiple teams from the client organization need a way to manage contracts, including reviewing them, suggesting changes, and controlling approvals. The Veelead team developed unique approval workflows using Microsoft Power Automate to meet the customer’s demands. These workflows made it possible to specify the approver’s name, create automated notifications regarding the acceptance or rejection of a document, and automatically set the read-only permission for the approved document.

The system guarantees transparency by notifying every step of the process to responsible authorities. The DMS offers a centralized location to view all contracts and is very beneficial for cross-departmental collaboration.

We assisted the client’s IT team with technical and non-technical support during the stabilization phase after the new system went live.


The successful implementation of a modern document management system delivered excellent results for the enormous organization’s document sharing and management. They used DMS to save documents, communicate quickly, and save time. Due to the automation of the approval workflow and quicker document-driven business processes provided by the new SharePoint DMS solution, the customer’s document lifecycle was simplified. It benefited the organization in enhancing collaboration.

Technologies Used:

  • SharePoint Online
  • Power Automate
  • SPFX framework
  • Typescript
  • Office fabric UI
  • Custom Modern Theme

Project Duration: 4 weeks
Project Team: 3 Resources