Google Workspace to Office 365 migration for a Global Non-profit Organization

Google Workspace to Office 365 migration
24 Feb 2023


An international non-profit organization that aids tens of thousands of people annually in more than ten countries through fundraising and educational initiatives. The organization raises money to support the implementation of programs in infrastructure, education, and health in the world’s most underserved regions. 


Our client had used their Gmail accounts and various tools and shared software offered by Google Workplace. In recent years the number of internal departments had increased, so they figured it was the right time to migrate a more unified solution. They required something that could give them more features and expand their communication scope. 


The goal is to migrate Google Workspace email mailboxes and file data from Google Drive & Shared Drive to Office 365 Cloud Platform. In this case, the staged migration approach was the ideal action method as there were over 4200 users and 12 Tb of data. The customer expected a quick migration from Google Workspace to Office 365, including G Drive permissions to OneDrive/SharePoint and calendars contents migration within four weeks. 


The customer chose Veelead for the Google Workspace to Office 365 migration since we have the capability to enable a staged process and provide a seamless transition for the entire organization. The Veelead team began the migration planning process after understanding the customer’s requirements. 

Before we started migrating email, we analyzed the client’s Gmail mailboxes and advised prior administration practices. They did mailbox mapping after gaining access to the company’s emails. Following the completion of the planning phase, the Veelead team tested the migration of a mailbox that contained a large number of items. It assisted the team in identifying potential problems, such as missing emails, that might arise during the migration from G Suite to Office 365. As soon as the migration batch started, we kept an eye on the dashboard to ensure everything was going according to plan. With the help of highly automated features, our team moved the entire organization quickly. 

In place of the client’s existing system, Microsoft Office 365 offers an enterprise email and SharePoint collaboration environment. Veelead also implemented Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) to manage devices and add comprehensive security features. 


All user email, file, and organization-wide file data have been migrated from Google Workspace to the Microsoft 365 platform. This was done without a hitch, with no downtime and automatic configuration for their Email Account Profile inside the Microsoft Outlook App. The client has the ability to leverage Office 365 Groups and set up a space for team collaboration. This space allowed users to take notes on emails and offered a shared Outlook mailbox, calendar, or document library for collaboration. Office 365 is built to integrate with Microsoft’s own hosting capabilities in Azure smoothly and provides the flexibility to develop and scale to meet the needs of clients’ businesses. 

Technologies Used: G Suite, Office 365, Exchange Online, Gmail API, PowerShell and BitTitan migration tool.  

Project Duration: 4 weeks 

Project Team: 4 Resources