SharePoint Farm Maintenance And Support For A European Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

06 Jan 2021


Our customer with more than 40 years of experience is widely known for building quality homes at affordable prices in a great neighborhood. Business is committed to building homes crafted with quality and constructed with integrity, retaining value for life.

The Goal

The client was extensively dependent on Microsoft SharePoint for their interdepartmental operations as well as their customer-facing communications. Therefore, in order to ensure smooth performance and benefit from an upgrade, they were looking to move their operations from SharePoint 2013 to its next version. They also required the migration to be supported by robust maintenance and support services. 


In order to deliver on the client’s requirements, our experts undertook a comprehensive health checkup of their infrastructure to determine pain points in the systems. Following that, we created a multi-stage road-map to migrate their data and systems to the newer edition.

Server usage review:

Our professionals defined the number and types of servers within the project scope for production, acceptance and test environments 

Production: Two SharePoint web servers, two SharePoint application servers, One MS SQL Cluster.

Acceptance: Two SharePoint web servers, two SharePoint application servers, One MS SQL Server.

Production: One SharePoint web server, one SharePoint application server, One MS SQL Server.

Configuration and correction:

Next, we deployed corrective solutions to the pain points we identified – this includes performance issues and UI adjustments. Then, our experts at Veelead configured their SQL farm and backup and SharePoint farm.


Once the migration was complete and their operations were set up, we completed the project with iron-clad security comprising dedicated service accounts, HTTP configurations, Active Directories and general firewall settings. 


Apart from setting up the system, we also provide assistance with troubleshooting and maintenance of their servers’ health. We have consistently ensured that their business is not bogged down by performance issues. 

Our team offers the following SharePoint support:

  1. Supporting existing intranet
  2. Supporting internet SharePoint websites
  3. Monitoring SharePoint servers
  4. Supervising the condition of the servers
  5. Regular backup
  6. Release management


Once our measures were deployed, the clients are happy with the effectiveness of our approach – we resolved critical issues that hindered operational scalability for them. In addition to it, we support their efforts with flexible SharePoint maintenance services with experts who go beyond their call of duty to deliver only the best. 

Technologies Used

Microsoft SharePoint 2013, Microsoft SQL Server, AD.