SharePoint Intranet Portal for Chain of Restaurants

SharePoint Modern Intranet and Document Management System for Chain of Restaurants
27 Sep 2022



The client is a chain of fast-food restaurants in the USA, with 1000+ outlets serving over 750,000 customers every day. The company invests significantly in hiring and training the local workforce and helps nearby suppliers. The client required a platform for social collaboration and data sharing throughout diverse departments of the organization.


The client has diverse outlets at dispersed geographical locations. But the client didn`t have any centralized collaboration platform in place. The customer came to understand the immediate need for an intranet solution as the number of internal employees increased. Therefore, the client is searching for a custom, simple-to-maintain application that can be used within the company and serve as a single point of information (Document, News, Events).


  • Develop a centralized Document management system for better management of geographically dispersed facilities.
  • Design a distinct site for each department.
  • Post both general and department-specific news in the intranet portal.
  • Enable enterprise search, document management, and data sharing throughout the company.
  • Different levels of access are required depending on the role and location.
  • Allow employees to access the resources they need for interaction, collaboration, and common work.
  • Boost the retention and morale of employees.


For franchisees and employees, the corporate communications team wanted a modern intranet portal that would more effectively share daily relevant data and offer a resource library for their various internal and external audiences.

Veelead Solutions chose to adopt the SharePoint platform after taking into account the client’s particular needs in terms of search, document management, and retaining file permissions. Veelead Solution offered its technical know-how to the development of the SharePoint Online platform for data sharing and social collaboration.

To enable users to publish announcements, news, event photos, and many other types of material to the department websites, the team developed a variety of customized apps. Veelead Solution also added the feature to share various kinds of announcements and news based on the targeted audience e.g. department-specific news, and organization-wide information.

Since there is an individual site for each department, data security was easy to manage. Managing navigation was key because some departments need to share documents with other departments. The navigation was designed to include the most frequent links on each page. Since the majority of company employees have never used SharePoint before, the site was created with ease of use for inexperienced users in mind.

The team also created Enterprise Search Configuration and a custom discussion board for each departmental subsite. While implementing document retention and archiving policies and the Enterprise Search Configuration, the team encountered metadata problems. However, by introducing SharePoint OOTB search features and utilizing OOTB features for Document repositories, our team successfully surmounted the challenges.

Intranet portal features include: 

  • Document Management System  
  • Department Portals   
  • Document Approval   
  • Advanced Search    
  • CEO Message  
  • Policy Management 
  • Mega Menu  
  • Banner  
  • News  
  • New Joiners 
  • Announcements  
  • Events  
  • Employee Directory 
  • Image Gallery  
  • Video Gallery  
  • List of Holidays  

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The exact client demand was met within the estimated hours and at a lower cost compared to other competitors by primarily utilizing SharePoint Online functionalities as requested by the client. The project delivered an intranet with a specialized look and feel that is easy to use and highly searchable. The client was able to foster a sense of community and communication among the disparate operations by uniting all of their employees under one roof. The implementation of SharePoint Modern Intranet and Document Management System has significantly increased the speed of internal business processes and the quality of delivered services.

Technologies Used:  SharePoint Online, Microsoft 365, Power Automate, SharePoint Modern Search web parts and SPFX framework    

Project Duration:  6 Weeks      

Project Team: 4 Resources