Tableau to Power BI Migration Service for Logistic Company 

Tableau to Power BI Migration Solution
07 Nov 2022


The client offers a full range of trucking and logistics services including pool distribution, brokerage and logistics. The Company is quickly becoming the fastest-growing trucking company in Canada.  


The company was using Tableau. But it has become more cost-prohibitive and proprietary for creating enterprise reporting. Since Tableau is strictly a visualization tool, the client needs to do very basic preprocessing and data cleansing additionally by their own. 


To get better value and lower costs, they planned to migrate from Tableau to Power BI. The business desired more flexibility and the ability to quickly produce organization-specific custom visuals. 


The client had a huge number of dashboards and reports backlogged that needed to be built. Veelead offered the resources and expertise required to build Tableau dashboards followed by Power BI content using Power Automate. Employees were used to Tableau’s self-service features and didn’t see the value of Power BI migration at the beginning. We also held several training sessions for them as part of the development to help them become more familiar with Power BI. Power BI has Microsoft Office 365 based user interface which most end-users are already familiar with making the employees adopt the solution quickly. Additionally, Veelead Solution enabled the client with Microsoft Power Automate flows so that the company’s email feeds could be automated. All the in-house reports from Tableau were deprecated prior to their license renewal by being migrated into Power BI. 

Technologies Used:  Microsoft Power BI , Tableau, Power Automate  

Project Duration: 4 Weeks

Project Team: 4 Resources

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