Office 365 Exchange Online

A trustworthy security feature that protects your messages from viruses, spam and malware is Office 365 Exchange server Online Protector and it is a cloud-based e-mail filtering service.

Office 365 Exchange Online Plan 1 Vs Plan 2

S No

Exchange Online Plan 1

Exchange Online Plan 2

 Office 365 Premium


Business-class email per user

Exchange Online Plan 1 features plus hosted voicemail, unlimited storage and data loss prevention

Exchange Online Plan 1 features plus installed Office 365. Storage and Sharing. video conferencing, and more


Allowed to send messages up to 150 MB in size

Allowed to send messages up to 150 MB in size

Allowed to send messages up to 150 MB in size


50 GB Mailbox each user

100 GB Mailbox for each user

50 GB Mailbox for each user with custom Email domain address with 1 TB storage


Office 365 Apps not included

Office 365 Apps not included

Office 365 Apps like outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, word and more included


SharePoint Intranet not available

SharePoint Intranet features not available

Engage and Inform with communication sites and team sites through your intranet site using SharePoint


Exchange Online Protection (EOP) enabled to protect mailbox with anti-spam and premier anti-malware

Protect mailbox with anti-spam and premier anti-malware

Protection enable for every mailbox with anti-spam and premier anti-malware


Below are the features of Office 365 Exchange Online Protection

  • Customized & scheduled e-mail protection report
  • Domain specific Email traffic report
  • Simplified block & allow
  • Quarantined message preview & bulk release
  • Advanced backscatter spam detection with Boomerang & NDR storm prevention

Office 365 Exchange1. Customized & Scheduled E-Mail Protection Report

You can customize you mails and keep a track of your email flow such as how much spam and malware you receive, who
the top senders and recipients are. It also generate a summary of the messages that Office 365 has delivered or rejected based on spam or malware. A weekly or monthly mail protection reports can be scheduled and sent to inbox automatically. You have another option such as Office 365 security and Compliance Dashboard helps you in viewing them directly at any time.

2. Domain-Specific E-Mail Traffic Report in Office 365 Exchange

As discussed above, the protection reports gives a summary of all messages that Office 365 delivered or rejected based on spam or malware, but you have to note that this happens for all domains that are configured in your space.
To generate a report for specific domain level, you can use Exchange Online PowerShell. This is an exclusive feature for large organization.

There are two options

01. MailTrafficReport

02. GetMailTrafficPolicyReport in Exchange Online PowerShell, which helps in breaking down the traffic by domain.

3. Simplified Block Allow Lists

In the initial stage, the admin had a manual and complex task of transporting rules to bypass spam filtering or mark mails as spam for senders or domains. When Microsoft Office 365 simplified this process, where Exchange Online Protection admins can block and permit mails from individual or entire domains with greater ease. You need to make few settings by locating spam filter section of the Office 365 exchange admin center, select Protection link Spam filter Edit your default list. This allows you to create, edit and maintain block and allow lists for senders and domains.

4. Quarantined Message Preview Bulk Release

This feature helps you to view a message body safely without triggering any malicious content. Viewing a message body was impossible before, where you can view only its sender, the recipients and the date. Now this has been made advanced in Exchange Online mailbox by Quarantined Message Preview option, which helps you in viewing the message body.

5. Improved Backscatter Spam Detection with Boomerang & NDR Storm Prevention

One of the most disturbing spams is Backscatter spam, where spammers can directly send thousands of messages on your behalf to non-existent mail addresses of real domains. Post, which the mails are bounced back to the sender with non-delivery, reports (NDRs).

Backscatter Spam mail result in consuming more space due to non-delivery reports (NDRs), to avoid this, Exchange Online Protection is a malware and spam filtering service had introduced two protection features such as Backscatter detection with Boomerang and NDR Backscatter Storm Protection.

Backscatter Detection with Boomerang

Boomerang stops backscatter spam by choosing NDR messages and quarantining them in your spam folder. This feature helps in keeping your inbox clean in clearing backscatter spam mails.

NDR Backscatter Storm Protection

This feature helps office 365 in detecting backscatter NDRs by selecting the first 10 NDRs as spam and deleting the rest of the “Storm”, so that spam mails are moved out of your inbox and spam folder and your mailbox space is not blocked or filled.