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With our Dynamics CRM consulting services, we will work with you to create a customer engagement system that allows you to respond to their every need.

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At Veelead, as certified channel partners, we use our Dynamics CRM development services to create a seamless CRM module that allows you to capture and successfully convert several leads.

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Our Dynamics CRM customization services work with your team to create a platform that is responsive to your business needs.

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With our Dynamics CRM support and maintenance services, we will ensure that you do not let slip of any opportunity to convert a customer.

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Dynamics CRM is a full customer relationship management suite with marketing, sales, social insight, and customer service capabilities. Dynamics CRM enables businesses to track and manage processes for customers from the inception of the contract to pre-sale support. These capabilities not only help develop a better customer relationship but also help reduce cost and thereby, increase profitability. With our Dynamics CRM development services, you can create powerful applications that can be integrated into the platform to take your customer engagement to a whole new level.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Key Features

MS-Office Integration

Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement, like all Microsoft-based solutions, is integrated with the best of Microsoft office systems. Its familiarity with MS office ensures shorter familiarization periods, higher levels of employee acceptance. However, it can also be used as a stand-alone CRM solution that can be operated from Outlook.

Improved Campaigns

The marketing module of Dynamics CRM is designed to pool your customer information and use that data to implement effective marketing campaigns. Its reporting and evaluation functionalities help your team import and evaluate data to measure marketing performance and, in essence, minimize campaign costs.

Better Sales Process

Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement comes with a powerful sales module to help you optimize and automate sales processes in a hassle-free manner. You can register your customer preferences and activities to identify and evaluate sales opportunities for improved sales projections.

Service Staff Support

Dynamics CRM is fully equipped to support your efforts to distinguish your organisations’ customer support efforts. ITs integration with customer service and field service modules is ideal for processing customer data, case information, and service history. This ensures that your customers are at the receiving end of consistent support.

Loyalty Management

Dynamics CRM comes with a comprehensive software framework that supports your promotional activities, irrespective of the channel it is being run on as well as the scale of the campaign. It provides an automatic transition between tiers, accrual, and redemptions via a configurable business rules engine integrated with your POS.

Relationship Assistant

With Dynamics CRM, you can understand your customers’ journey through your sales funnel and create a relationship health score, calculated from large amounts of data including transactions, sentiments, emails, and interactions. You can also learn more about the frequency and level of customer interaction with your brand.




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