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MICROSOFT Power Business Intelligence

Power BI, or Power Business Intelligence, makes it easy for your business to process raw data and turn them into actionable insights. Improve business processes by building business-specific KPIs and dashboards. With Power BI, you can even ask conversational questions and get AI-powered, intuitive and accurate answers.


Power Business Intelligence Services

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We are authorized Microsoft Power BI channel partners and our consultation services will make it effortless for your team to use the power of data to improve the overall efficiency of your organization. With our Power BI consulting services, you can identify areas of strength and weaknesses and make data-driven decisions for your organization.

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With our implementing and development services, a Power BI consultant will ensure that every business decision you make is complemented by supporting data. We, at Veelead, will design and implement Power BI modules that will make interoperability and data sharing a breeze for your team.

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At Veelead, our Power BI customisation services will result in tailor-made software that will allow you to make the best use of data that is 100% relevant to you and skip anything else that is not needed. This will result in lighter modules that will allow for perfect data modelling, analysis and usage.

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Out optimisation services for Power BI involves the reengineering of the platform to deliver a brand-specific experience. This includes delivering on business-specific KPIs and extracting data that is exclusive to your business. Our services will make it easy for you to back every business decision with the right data.

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Our Power BI online services include support and will allow you to seamlessly sustain your vision for your business while we take care of any roadblocks for data transmission, modelling or usage for your reports and dashboards. This ensures that every report you generate will be technically accurate and easy-to-use

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