Mobile Application Development And Design

Android mobile apps servicesA brilliant idea or an innovative concept offers true value to customers only when it translates into a working solution. The features in the services of our mobile apps, that is either device-agnostic or one that leverages the unique capabilities of a device, contribute to the overall user experience and functionality.

  • Android
  • iOS – Swift 1.2, 2.0
  • Hybrid Apps
  • Native Apps

Mobile application development and design are all about taking the concept through the stages of development, testing and release in a manner that will deliver results. This requires a team that is rich in experience, strong in technical know-how, with domain expertise and a collaborative approach.

At Veelead, we possess the perfect mix of trained talent, experience and best practices to deliver world-class mobile applications. It is not without reason that we have been moving from strength to strength, delivering value to our clients through applications across platforms.

Android Application Development

With 86% market share, Android OS rules the market. That is good news. However, for this statistic to be of any real value, it is necessary to build applications that stand out with powerful functionalities. In an overcrowded market with thousands of apps that offer similar features, the mandate is to rise above the competition with feature-rich solutions that are relevant throughout the application’s lifecycle.  At Veelead, the build – test – debug – deploy – maintain cycle is handled by an expert team with strong Android development skills in the tools and platforms native to the Android ecosystem.

iOS – Swift 1.2, 2.0

iPhones and iPads are iconic. The iOS niche segment despite commanding only 12% of the mobile application market, has a diehard fan following that is difficult to unseat. This is largely due to the experience offered by the applications and the powerful features of Apple products. The challenge here is to make a true world-class product that will be a natural fit in the phone the world loves.

At Veelead well-known iOS mobile application development company, experts on our teams possess exceptional skills in Swift, the powerful programming language developed by Apple. The platform’s transition to Linux has added the incremental value that comes with open source languages, giving Swift the versatility of an open-source platform, while maintaining the sharp focus that Apple desired in the iOS. Our intuitive iOS applications adorn phones, helping our clients across industries to leverage their services and products with greater efficiency.

Hybrid Apps

Cross-platform mobile application development is not about choosing the best of two worlds and putting together a solution. It is a highly technical area of expertise that involves low code, reusable code and the use of the right frameworks to develop apps that work across platforms.

The use of the right technology and incorporating the right features is mandatory to ensure that the applications work across platforms seamlessly. At Veelead, our teams exploit the combined experience in HTML5, JQuery, Titanium, PhoneGap and Sencha Touch among others to deliver applications that work similarly across platforms.

The need is for the development of solutions that look and perform the same across platforms. Some of the most versatile, flexible and standardized apps have emerged out of our labs, as our teams collaborated on big-ticket projects for enterprises across the business ecosystem.

Native Apps

One of the advantages of Native Apps is the ability to build killer applications. With the highest level of customization possible, native apps are the force multipliers in mobile application development. The apps are custom fits, and tailor-made to leverage the functional advantages of phones and OS.

If you are in a niche segment and desire a mobile app that offers standout features, then native apps will deliver where others can only attempt a solution. At Veelead, our teams are specialists in native app development. This is partly due to the specialist solutions that we have developed for clients who had specific needs.

Native apps are generally inward-facing apps; apps used by employees of an organization. This is largely because of the nature of operations and the need for a narrow set of solutions. Native apps offer higher security, a better user experience, leverage the exclusive features of the smartphones, perform better and dispense with the need for an ‘always connected’ mode.

Veelead provides the mobile app services includes design, customization, integration and development,  developers have showcased the unlimited possibilities of apps that drive the Internet of Things, wearables and sensors. Our team has successfully integrated multi-modal actions into seamless APIs that have delivered powerful solutions for organizations across domains and segments. The affordable solutions offer advantages of better ROI, in addition to the superior performance that comes by default with Veelead solutions.

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