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Cloud-based services Microsoft 365 and Office 365 are engineered to help meet your organization’s needs for uncompromised security, reliability, and team productivity. With Veelead Solutions’ Office 365 services, you can effortlessly map companies’ business needs to relevant solutions based on the suite. As Office 365 Service Providers, our services include consulting support on implementation, user adoption and evolution of Office 365 solutions. Our experts, with our Microsoft  365 Managed Services, provide all-inclusive Office 365 managed and consulting services to enable seamless collaboration between your teams with powerful cloud-hosted solutions comprising several Office 365 features. In essence, we empower organizations to compose an individual Office 365 collaborative suite depending on their business objectives and collaboration requirements.

OUR Microsoft 365 Services

Office 365 Consulting 

At Veelead Solutions, as Microsoft  365 Service Providers, we back our clients from the start of their cloud journey and back them up all the way. Our consultants with our Office 365 services help you build your organisation’s digital environment with cloud solutions to make it future-proof and useful for every employee. With our consultation services, we provide both advisory and technical assistance depending on your business needs.

Office 365 Implementation

We help you select a suitable Office 365 subscription plan that is in line with your budget, IT objectives and collaboration scope. Veelead Solutions is a Microsoft  365 Service Provider, here we adept at implementing the selected Office 365 suite in line with the Microsoft requirements and set your cloud solution to ensure its efficient management and use.

Office 365 Customization

With our experience as Office 365 Managed Service Providers, we optimize the platform to reflect your brand-specific environment, industry requirements and employees’ preferences. We handle customization of varying complexities and develop unique custom features, including complex workflows, branded site templates, interactive chatbots, ready-to-go custom add-ins and more.

Office 365 Migration

Our team understands your requirements and carries out smooth migration of your on-premises, cloud or hybrid solutions to Office 365 along with preserving the integrity of your business data. We initially assess the preliminary scope of your Office 365 migration project and create a step-by-step plan of the entire migration execution.

Office 365 Integration

As an Office 365 service provider, we integrate various applications under the Office 365 suite with your enterprise solutions and tools to ensure transparent and continuous cross-department and enterprise-wide collaboration. We handle Office 365 integration with platform-based and custom on-premises or cloud environments and make sure that your employee directory synchronization and single sign-on facilitate users’ switching between different systems very securely.

Office 365 Support

We offer customizable engagement modules for our support services to let you stay in line with the platform updates, implement the latest Office 365 features, extend your solution with custom functionality and prevent it from any turbulence. To foresee, predict and prevent any potential difficulties with the Office 365 adoption, we provide dedicated training sessions for Office 365 admins, developers and end users to help them manage and utilize their cloud solutions efficiently.

Office 365 Managed Service

In order to give your employees a seamless work-environment, we take over the administration of your Office 365 ecosystem to ensure its availability, security and performance stability. With our Office 365 Managed Services, your team can benefit from our management of Office 365 accounts, preventive monitoring and prompt troubleshooting, protection from security vulnerabilities, monthly reporting on resources consumption, and more.

Cloud License and Account Management

Veelead is an authorized Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, here we officially resell Office 365 licenses at a competitive price and couple that with uncompromised Office 365 services. If you are in charge of managing the licensing with the selection of Microsoft products, pick the ideal Microsoft licensing options for your users, cut costs & be compliant. 

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why Veelead Solution?

Veelead Solution has the 10+ years of expert team for the Office 365 Managed Service and it is an authorized partner for the platform’s implementation. Our team of experts have worked with several organizations across multiple verticals and enabled them to become more productive and leave the mundane behind. Our work extends across the services and software products mentioned above. Our experts essentially allow everyone in your team to automate mundane tasks and work in a digital environment that is extremely conducive for productivity irrespective of location. 

Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprises

Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise is essentially a business subscription plan that charges per user rather than per device. It provides the subscribed users with more Microsoft Office apps and services than other options and makes it lucrative for any organisation in the long run with its attractive ROI. The applications cover the entire suite of Microsoft Office 365 as well.

sharepoint online
SharePoint Service

Microsoft SharePoint 

SharePoint is basically a web-based application that is designed to drastically improve the scope of collaboration within an organization. It is essentially used for data storage, collaboration and document management in rigorous enterprise environments. SharePoint is widely used for building sophisticated web apps of varying complexity and it is easy to deploy for low-code and no-code users as well.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution that encapsulates a variety of CRM and ERP apps. Dynamics 365 rolls out all the functions a business could possibly need into one solution while freeing organizations from the burden of infrastructure upkeep by housing it in the cloud. It is a gateway to digital transformation for organizations across the globe, vowing to turn business processes into business advantages.

Dynamics 365
Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform 

The Microsoft Power Platform comprises three applications namely Power BI, PowerApps, and Power Automate. They are designed to let users intelligently analyze their data, make data-backed decisions, and automate business processes.  With the Power Platform, all your data exists under a unified data model, allowing the applications to interact with one another seamlessly while also communicating with Dynamics 365, Office 365, and other third-party applications.

 Benefits of Our Microsoft 365 Services

  • Improved employee productivity
  • Enhanced team collaboration
  • Customized dashboard with birds-eye-view of all operations
  • Competitively priced
  • Improved remote work-environment
  • Improved automation of mundane tasks
  • Improved client serviceability
  • All-round support
  • Complete and autonomous control across applications
  • Brand-specific optimizations

At Veelead Solutions, with our Microsoft 365 Managed Services, we are all about dramatically improving the productivity of any organization we work with. Our expertise with Microsoft 365 and its suite of software products allows us to truly add value to the experience of our clients. 

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